Bike Cleaner and Bike Lube

Whether you drive a road bike, a mountain bike, a gravel bike or a leisure bike - any bike needs cleaning and maintenance. And why should you bother? Because a well-maintained bike will run not only better, but also much longer, that’s why! Regular use of oil, bike cleaner and chain lube make sure your bike runs smoothly and safely, it also keeps wear and tear under control. A day out in rain and mud requires some extra bike care, as mud, sand or dust particles crunch on the drive train. Here, we carry all the bike cleaners, disc brake cleaners, cleaning tools, grease, oils and lube you need to make sure your bike’s a running system.

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Bike care - The right products for cleaning!

Despite mudguards your bike is often very dirty, especially after the hardest tours. In our shop you will find a wide range of cleaners and care products that make cleaning your bike a breeze! The highly effective cleaners dissolve even stubborn dirt in no time. The use of solvent-free and biodegradable additives ensures maximum environmental friendliness. The cleaners do not attack the paint and, of course, do not affect the braking performance. After applying the cleaner, the dirt can be washed off easily and without scrubbing. Cleaning your bike can be so nice and relaxed! You will not only ensure a perfect appearance of your bike, but also increase the riding pleasure!

With special care products you can give your bike a new shine!

Cleaning your bike is especially easy with a cleaning device! With the help of a soft brush, you can get to grips with coarse dirt. Chain cleaning devices guarantee a perfect and thorough cleaning of the bicycle chain. 

If the bike is particularly stubbornly dirty, it is a good idea to clean it with a pressure washer. Please note, however, that you never aim a high-pressure cleaner directly at the bearings of your bike at close range! After the thorough cleaning of the bike, the bike care is on the agenda! The special bike care products and lubricants from our shop ensure a fresh appearance and effective protection of your bike.