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Sweden and biking are not necessarily known as a match made in heaven. Thanks to world famous championships, Italy or France are more often associated with cycling, road biking above all. But it was way up north that athletes were faced with the problem of keeping warm while staying dry at the same time. Due to such difficult starting conditions Craft Sport’s base layers “Made in Sweden” are probably the best thing you can wear underneath.

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Sweden’s climate is not known as particularly sweaty, but given the right exercise, even Northerners get warm. So much so that Anders Bengt started making functional underwear for athletes in Borås, Sweden in the 1970s. Said underwear was meant to keep you warm, but dry at the same time, so he invented fabrics that make use of the wicking effect, and actively transport moisture to the surface. What is widely known today as breathable clothing caused a little sensation when Craft Sports was founded in 1977. Craft’s portfolio soon went beyond base layers, one layer after another new ground was covered. First Craft’s underwear received an outer layer that was able to absorb sweat after it reaches the surface, finally a windproof layer sealed the outside and so functional three-layered outdoor clothing was born. 

Cycling Clothing for rain, sunshine and winter

Depending on the weather conditions you’re planning on training in, Craft Sports uses patented fibers and membranes such as GoreTex, GoreTex Windstopper, Coolmax or Ventair to keep the warmth in or let the sweat out and create a comfy climate for your skin. Working with many athletes from different individual sports disciplines or team sports provide valuable insights that are used to improve each new collection of clothing for both men and women. The training experience of volleyball teams, marathon runners, soccer teams or Tour de France winners help develop bike gear according to athletes’ needs and wishes.

Many of Craft Sport’s products are where good comfort is most wanted, right next to the skin. Craft makes underwear and bike jerseys that are perfectly cut for bikers, light and elastic fabrics create a perfect fit for men and women while giving athletes enough room to move freely. High-tech fibers control moisture and temperature and make you feel good on your daily rounds. 

Road bike clothing

Craft’s bibs and pants for road bikers also provide perfect function, after all, your training is supposed to challenge you, not your clothes. Since road biking gear is worn skintight, perfect quality is essential. That is the reason why Craft’s designers keep improving their seams and fabrics in order to achieve more softness while making the garments more durable at the same time. You can buy road biking shorts with or without shoulder straps, either will stay in place even during your most challenging rides. 

Craft Sports also make more laid-back shirts and shorts for mountain bikers, so you can go and challenge the limits of gravity in functional and non-sticky wear made in Sweden.

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