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Most children's bicycles are simple, happy-go-lucky all-rounders – and many kids are totally happy with that, doing their first laps comfortably and safely on a somewhat heavy, clunky mini-bike. But what do you do when your offspring shows really athletic ambitions? What happens, if the little ones want to make top-speed on a road bike, hit the trail on an MTB, or enjoy long bike tours, just like the grown-ups do?

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Things to know about Frog Bikes

If you love riding a bike yourself, you'll probably treat yourself to a "good" bike at some point. With a comfortable fit, good equipment and an efficient chassis, biking becomes even more fun. But if you want to share that passion with your kids, too, things get tricky. There are many great kids' bikes out there, that are suitable for everyday use or smaller tours. But kiddy sized trail bikes? Or road bikes for kids? Not a chance!

Shelley and Jerry Lawson seem to have had a similar problem. They were looking for nice bikes for their own children and there simply weren't any. Without further ado, they founded Frog Bikes and have been making performance bikes for kids ever since 2013. 

Frog makes mountain bikes and road bikes for kids

Of course, a child has to like the looks of their bike. And of course, a kids’ bike should weigh as little as possible so that kids can handle it with less body strength. But is that enough to make good children's and youth bikes? The Lawsons thought it wasn't enough, and from the beginning commissioned scientific research and studies that helped adapt the frame geometry and components until they were perfectly suited to children's needs. 

Children's bikes with FrogFit

Frog summarizes all the features that make Frog's children's bikes fit a child's anatomy perfectly, under the term "FrogFit". We'll introduce you to some of the FrogFit features here:

The particularly lightweight FrogFit aluminum frames have a child-friendly geometry that has been completely re-engineered in 2020/21. They became not only lighter, but also the fit has been improved once again.

Since 2018, Frog’s mountain bikes for children have a specially developed FrogFit suspension fork, that is able to respond to the low body weight of a child. 

In 2017, the first FrogFit brake levers were installed. These brake levers show particularly well how much work goes into every detail of a Frog bike. Simply making the distance of the brake lever to the handlebars short enough for small children's fingers sounds good. It just doesn’t really work, because the index finger must have enough space between the grip and the brake lever to operate the gearshift. So Frog shortened not only the distance, but also the shape of the lever was adapted, since then young bikers brake and shift efficiently and safely.

One of the most important innovations Frog introduced in 2015 with the FrogFit crank. After studies showed that children pedal more comfortably and efficiently with cranks with a smaller Q-factor (width of the crank, or distance between the feet), child-friendly cranks were developed, they are now installed on all Frog children's bikes.

Determining the optimal bike size is also part of FrogFit. Frog provides an app on their homepage that helps determine the appropriate frame size. The number of the model tells you what leg length a bike is suitable for. Frog 40 is suitable for children with a leg length of 40 cm, Frog Road 58 is a road bike for children with a leg length of 58 cm, Frog MTB 72 is a hardtail for children who have a leg length of 72 cm and so on. Here in the store you can find them in the usual categories 14 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch (corresponds to the size of the wheels).

Tour de France for kids

Because there are many different bike models in numerous sizes, any kid can ride like the champions on a Tour de France special edition bike. What the bikes have in common is the sensational paint job in typical Tour yellow.

Frog push bikes

Even the youngest can get going on a Frog bike as soon as they have mastered the skill of walking. Tadpole push bikes in 10" (Tadpole Mini), 12" (Tadpole) and 14" (Tadpole Plus) accompany children up to about kindergarten age. Push bikes have no pedals yet, so toddlers can concentrate on keeping in balance and breaking in time. Most kids can move directly to a real bike with pedals without training wheels after riding a push bike for a while. 

A kid's first bike

Simple children's bikes come in sizes 40, 44, and 47, they have simple but good quality parts that help your child coordinate the complex movements on a bike. Steering, pedaling, braking – all at the same time – is certainly not easy! But Frog's bikes for small children come with cheerful colors and durable construction, which makes them perfect practice material. They are suitable for children aged about 3 to 6 years. 

With hybrid bikes called Frog 53 to 78, Frog offers a versatile all-rounder for older children.

MTBs and road bikes for kids

Few (or no?) other manufacturers build road bikes for kids. If your offspring loves a good the speed rush, road bikes Frog Road 58, 67 or 70 are exactly the right thing. They are, of course, set up like a grown-up road bike: you get drop bars, brifters, narrow tires and a fast geo. Frog Track is probably absolutely unique, under this name you can buy track bikes for kids in the same sizes.

Frog’s MTBs, on the other hand, are off-road bikes for little adventurers. The hardtails are available in sizes 62, 69 and 72. 

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Finding the right children's bike is not always easy. Kids must like the way it looks and feels, otherwise it will end up lying next to the driveway. It should of course be particularly robust, and on top of that, the kids should also be able to control it well and ride comfortably on it. In addition, many families do not want to spend huge sums of money on a bike that kids will grow out of after a while. That’s a lot to ask! But it works. Check out our Frog Bikes, there you'll find great kids bikes that your kid will enjoy! If you need a little more help with buying a kids bike, you can simply read on in our Kids’ Bike World, we have a buying guide with lots of tips for you there. There you will also find bike clothing and helmets for kids.

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