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Measuring tools - It doesn't get any more precise than this!

Measuring tools are indispensable aids for determining wear, also in the context of bicycle care or for the exact determination of measurements and weights. The caliper gauge, which is often also referred to as a calliper, is a precision tool for measuring internal and external dimensions. A particularly good and accurate readability of the measured values guarantees you a digital caliper.

For a perfect weight tuning of your bike, a digital bench scale is required. The scale can be used to accurately determine the weight of small parts and components. For the exact weighing of the complete bike you need a special digital scale. Silicone-coated hooks protect the frame from scratches and damage when measuring.

Special measuring and wear gauges

In our shop you will find a wide range of different measuring gauges. An indispensable service is the chain wear gauge, with which you can save money! By measuring the stretch of the chain, you can detect a necessary change of the chain early. Changing your bike chain in time protects the chainrings and the cassette sprocket from premature wear! With the air pressure of the tires you can significantly influence the handling and propulsion of your bike. A digital air pressure gauge helps you to determine the ideal air pressure. You can find further helpful measuring tools in the form of measuring tapes and special measuring gauges.