Multitools & Microtools

Minitool or multitool? Both are correct, the tools are small and handy - so mini. And they usually perform many different functions - therefore they are multifunctional. Especially for mountain bikers, road cyclists and touring bikers who ride often and for long periods of time, they are incredibly practical because, unfortunately, very few bikes wait with the error message for the moment when there happens to be a workshop nearby. Smaller bike multitools have four to seven different functions, while larger models contain over 30 different tools that you can use to (almost) disassemble an entire bike. Which one do you need?

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The Multitool - A tool for all cases!

It happens quickly! A technical defect or a fall make an unscheduled repair of the bike necessary! From adjusting the handlebar to shortening the chain, the multitool replaces the bike workshop on a tour. The tool contains the most important tools, so that you can carry out all necessary repairs on your bike quickly and reliably. Thanks to the minimal packing size and the low weight, the bike multitool fits into every backpack or every jersey pocket. An indispensable helper that you should definitely not do without - just in case!

Many multitools - the agony of choice

To help you find the perfect tool for your bike and your requirements, we have a wide range of multitools available. From the smart tool with the most necessary tools to the complex tool with mini ratchet, spoke wrench and chain riveter, in our online shop you get the entire range of high-quality mini folding tools. 

The tools of the renowned manufacturers convince with selected materials, first-class workmanship and a very good feel. So armed your bike is quickly ready for use again! Please note that some bikes increasingly use Torx screws screws. In such cases, the multifunction tool should definitely be equipped with Torx wrenches