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Anyone who likes to be active and outdoors will probably be familiar with Oakley eyewear. In 1975, Jim Jannard sold his legendary B-1B grips out of his trunk at motocross events. The MX grips were soon followed by goggles, sunglasses were the next logical step and helped Oakley become one of the most popular brands in sports fashion. Today, Oakley is an established part of the biker/boarder/surfer culture, and its eyewear in particular can be found on trails, paths, beaches and slopes all over the world. 

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Things to know about Oakley

Today, the US-based company is known worldwide as a manufacturer of eyewear, apparel, backpacks and footwear. The stylish sunglasses are not only worn by Hollywood actors in movies like Mission Impossible or Blade, but also have a good reputation among many cyclists, simply because Oakley's sunglasses are among the most innovative on the market. However, the success story began quite modestly at home in the garage. With a starting capital of no less than $300, Jim Jannard founded a company in California in 1975. The first product were grips for motocross bikes made of a rubber compound he mixed himself. The name of Jim Jannard's dog was recycled as the company name, Oakley's headquarter is in Foothill Ranch, California. 

At the end of the 1970s, Oakley released the first goggles, these motocross goggles had, unlike all other available goggles, plastic lenses instead of glass lenses, which made them much lighter and more resistant to breakage. Sunglasses came next, and made Oakley world famous, maybe because the company always got supported by the most influential VIPs from the world of music, film and sports. Early on, celebrities adorned themselves with Oakley's stylish eyewear, and the company adorned itself with the well-known stars of show business. These advertising activities often had an unconventional approach - Oakley representatives would hand out sunglasses to people at events hoping that they would then wear them in public. The concept obviously was successful, Oakley glasses have become very popular with cyclists, because they are worn by many professional bikers at major cycling races and bike cups.

With Oakley, innovative solutions turn into art

Oakley glasses are not just sunglasses or goggles, they are technical masterpieces. Years of research go into the materials and details, in order to make them not only unbreakable and lighter, but also resistant to aggressive UV light. The unusual design also makes them a popular and super-stylish accessory. From simple sunglasses to futuristic Shield glasses with one continuous lens and perfect ventilation, Oakley delivers numerous models in different frame colors and tints. Of course, there are also special glasses and sunglasses for various sports, among other things, Oakley builds a whole range of cycling glasses. 

To make your shades fit perfectly, Oakley supplies some of its eyewear with interchangeable nose pads. Thanks to Impact Protection, specially hardened lenses, some models offer your eyes particularly good mechanical protection, they are therefore perfect for mountain bikers. Various lenses featuring Oakley's Prizm technology help you keep a good view on the trail, because it improves the color and contrast visibility enormously and also makes sharper details visible. Improved contrast means you won't lose sight of your way or miss any obstacles on the trail. Switchlock makes it easier to change the lenses.

By the way, the rubber compound that made up the first motocross grips is still in use today; these days, details like nose pads, eyeglass temples, and straps for wristwatches are made from it. 

Apart from sunglasses, Oakley makes clear cycling glasses. There are also various goggles and shields available. 

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In our brand store you will find a great selection of cycling glasses and goggles specifically made for enduro, freeride and downhill use, there are also a few hand-picked parts from the casual Oakley bike / streetwear collection and bike helmets.

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