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The mission of the company founded in Sweden in 2005 reads like: 'Protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one'. The Swedish manufacturer of protectors, cycling clothing, goggles and helmets offers high-end products. If you want your gear to score in terms of style and quality, be sure to choose POC cycling products.

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In 2005, Poc was founded to protect extreme athletes from serious injuries. The start was made in ski racing. At the ISPO in Munich at the time, the Swedes presented new and innovative concepts for the protection of athletes who are exposed to the risk of potential serious falls. Working in the background of the manufacturer is one of the world's leading scientific laboratories in sports medicine: the Poc Lab. Brain researchers, spinal cord injury specialists and sports physicians work with Poc Sports to develop the latest concepts for protection against serious injuries. Innovations such as the MIPS system, EPP liner or the VDP material come from Poc's scientific laboratories.

Especially among mountain bikers, the noble helmets are known. The Tectal half-shell helmet is one of the most popular and highest quality enduro helmets on the market. Developed specifically for aggressive trail riding and enduro racing, the helmet is excellently ventilated and has great advantages in terms of safety for riders.

For extreme use in the bike park, downhill and enduro races, the northern lights offer the Coron Air Spin Fullface helmet. The integral helmet is not only a visual feast for the eyes, but can convince similar to the half shell with technical features such as the SPIN, Multi-Impact EPP liner and a high impact resistance. Top athletes such as Fabio Wibmer or Martin Söderström protect themselves in heavy falls with this Poc helmet.

In addition to the helmets, Poc also offers protection for the body, knees and arms. The protectors are equipped with the VDP system developed in-house. The robust but lightweight material adapts, under the influence of body heat, to each body perfectly and thus combines enormous protection and a high wearing comfort. The Visco-Elastic-Polymer-Dough material absorbs shocks and hardens under the influence of force. With heavy supports, Poc's protectors can protect against serious injuries, especially in the back area.

Poc's very technical products are complemented with stylish ridewear, as well as goggles and bike glasses. The entire portfolio convinces with high-quality workmanship and has the look of real design classics. In our brand store you will find a wide selection of different helmets, bike clothing and gloves. If you want to be a pioneer in terms of protection, technology and design, you should reach for products from Poc.

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