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Bike mounting stand & bike centering stand - work like the pros!

Mounting stand - The bike professionally clamped

With a bike assembly stand, you can perform necessary work on your bike particularly comfortably and conveniently. The bike is not only fixed wobble-free, but is also at an ideal working height for you. This makes caring for your bike just as comfortable as maintenance work. The tool tray ensures good access to the required bicycle tools without a long search! Foldable bike assembly stands can be conveniently folded and easily stored with the tool case . This, of course, makes these stands suitable for mobile use such as at an event. 

The fixed bike repair stands also allow very rough work. You should not do without a bike assembly stand in your workshop equipment, no matter in which version, for any work on the bike!

Centering stand - Easy and fast balancing of your wheels

An imbalance or a radial runout in your wheel is not only annoying, but can really ruin the fun of biking for you! Most of the time, the mishap also happens when the workshop is closed or there are no free appointments available! No reason to despair, because balancing and centering a wheel is not witchcraft with a little practice! Valuable help for this work is provided by a special center stand. Variable axle mounts ensure a tight fit of the wheel regardless of the hub width.

The modern bicycle centering stands are suitable for wheel sizes up to 29 inches. A work carpet proves very useful when working on the bike. The carpet ensures a non-slip stand of the work stand and also protects the ground from dirt.