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Sportful’s headquarters are located in Fonzaso in Northern Italy, right below the spectacular scenery of the Dolomites. With nature’s beauty beckoning you to come out and play, producing outdoor clothing is the only logical thing to do, and where functional clothing is developed, bike clothing is never far away. As with many Italian makers, focus is on blood-curdling speed, their favorite bike disciplines being road and gravel.

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Things to know about Sportful

Sportful’s success did not start on two wheels, however, but rather on two planks. Giordano Cremonese didn’t want to get cold on a cross-country ski-race and designed his own clothing to keep him warm, as warm clothing with enough room to move freely was nowhere to be found. Lucky for him, his parents owned a factory that processed wool, so the necessary know-how on fiber and fabric production was there right at his hands. Giordano quickly turned to synthetic fibers; acrylic fibers had just been invented and proved to be the perfect choice for durable, warm and breathable sportswear. His first self-made ski-suit was a huge success, so in the following years he developed and produced cross-country skiing clothes, outdoor clothes and eventually turned his attentions to bike gear. 

Traditionally, Italian athletes’ hearts belong to bike racing, so most equipment that comes from the that side of the Alps is aerodynamic, lightweight and designed to make top speed, Sportful’s bike outfits being no exception. 

Road cycling clothing for men and women

Sportful makes road bike garments for women, like tight tops, jerseys and jackets that help you deliver a perfect performance. The tops come in many different colors, so you can easily mix and match your bike outfit to your taste, personality or the paint of your bike. There is also a variety of bike shorts and bib shorts for women. They come with different pads to give you some extra comfort on your training laps.

There is also a wide choice of bike clothing for men, Sportful makes high quality bike jerseys and biking shorts. If you like to get on your bike on dry, cool days, Sportful offers a great alternative to wearing a bike jacket: give the comfy bike hoodie Giara a try, you’ll certainly love it. It is cut a little more loosely than you might be used to from road biking gear, but still it will not flutter around you wildly during a top-speed descent. The hood fits under your helmet and helps keep your ears all nice and warm.

Apart from the obvious – tops and bottoms – Sportful will outfit you with socks that are fitted to give you some extra-comfort in those tight bike shoes. They are designed to allow you effective pedaling but without too much blister-causing friction. 

Sportful also offers clothes for gravel bikers that are not all as tight as we know road biking outfits to be. There are loose gravel shorts for men and brightly colored gravel tops for women.

Bike Gear is only as good as its raw material – fibers in this case. Sportful uses breathable fabrics that offer a lot for stretch for comfort, all the seams are kept flat and soft, so numb arms and tender skin due to friction are horror tales from the past. Today Sportful’s bike clothing is made from the fines of modern fabrics, it is easy to clean and it will withstand many washing cycles without losing color or shape. Check out our Sportful bike gear and treat yourself to some authentic Italian race-vibes!

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