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The history of 100% began in the 80s, it’s scene was US motocross racing. Drew Lien, founder of the company and Jim Holley's mechanic at the time, first developed a new cable guide and an adhesive heat shield, over time more and more products were added to the company’s portfolio. Whatever 100% released was devilishly good, so it's no wonder that many of the best motocrossers wore the three digits on their chests. The American company quickly made it to the top and equipped the world's best in motor sports.

From motocross to MTB

Today, the manufacturer is one of the leading producers of clothing, protection and goggles for motocross bikers. But it also conquered the hearts of bikers who ride without an engine... Mountain bike accessories are now a big part of the program. Many of the top riders in downhill, enduro and slopestyle rely on the stylish and high-quality goggles, helmets, jerseys and cycling pants. Downhill legend Sam Hill is just one of many athletes of the team. Others are Finn Iles and Wyn Masters. Along with Peter Sagan 100%’s bicycle glasses ride in the front rows of road bike racing. 

Bike glasses for 100% vision

In mountain biking, the brand is best known for its goggles. With Speedcraft Air, Speedtrap or S2 prove, 100% makes high-end biking glasses. In addition to classic cycling glasses, there is of course also a nice choice of goggles. These goggles are popular in downhill and enduro racing because they are durable, can be worn with any bike helmet, and many of them have anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. You can upgrade these goggles with Forecast, 100%’s roll-off system for messy trails or muddy race tracks.

Casual MTB gear - 100% bike wear

100% makes not only cycling goggles and glasses, it's popular too for cycling clothing, and we carry lots of it in our 100% brand store. There are different colors, sizes and designs to choose from, you’ll certainly find the bike kit that fits your (riding) style. Whether you want to buy stretchy and breathable jerseys, bike pants, shorts or functional jackets, you can wear 100% from head to toe.

100% Safe

No MTB supplier’s catalog would be complete without some safety gear. That’s why you can buy knee pads, body armor or safety jackets and of course MTB helmets and full face helmets. There is never a 100% safety guarantee, but with those helmets you’re as close to it as it gets. By the way, 100%’s full-face helmet Aircraft was one of the first equipped with the super-safe Mips system.

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In our 100% brand store, you'll find a wide range of the 100%'s products. There’s MTB clothing and cycling glasses, but we also carry a wide selection of casual wear, such as hoodies, t-shirts or socks.

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