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What a day! You’ve had the time of your life in the bike park. You didn't skip a single mud hole. On the way home, there’s a thick track of mud behind you, your drive train is squealing and begging for help. Time for a thorough bike cleaning! This is where the Brits from Muc-Off come in. Perhaps the weather on the island is to blame for the fact that some of the best bike cleaners in the world come from the UK, who knows? Certainly the perfectionism of the company's founder played a part in it. Dishwashing liquid - up to then the bicycle cleaning detergent of choice - was not suitable for maintaining the good function of high-quality bicycle components. A better solution was needed… so, how do you get the muck off of your bike?

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Things to know about Muc-Off

Rex Trimnell mixed his first bicycle cleaner back in 1994. He had just designed the first twin crown bicycle fork and didn't want to apply the usual cleaning method - a bath in washing-up liquid. Because unlike china plates, stanchions will corrode. Back then, his first mixture not only surprised him with great cleaning results, it was also eco-friendly. Shortly after, the first spray cleaner for bikes hit the bike stores. Its manual reads incredibly simple:

Spray on, wash off, no sweat. 

To this day, Muc-Off’s principle is very popular, because it not only saves your finish, but also your strength. You don't have to scrub and shine your bike. Simply spray the cleaner on, let it work and rinse it off. There, done!

Nano cleaner for your bike

Muc-Of’s breakthrough came with a Nano Tech Bike Cleaner. You simply spray it onto the wet and dirty bike. After just a few minutes, all the dirt and the biodegradable bike cleaner can  be rinsed off with a garden hose.

Many international mountain bike and road bike pros rely on the products made by Muc-Off. Over time, the first cleaners developed into a huge product range that includes everything you need to keep your bike clean and running smoothly. Today, the British manufacturer not only supplies bike cleaners, but also lots of other products that provide perfect care for your bike. There are various brushes and sponges, you can also buy various tools for professional bike maintenance. A shiny bike is one thing, a well-groomed cyclist is another... Muc-Off recently launched a line of body care products.

Muc-Off supplies the right cleaner for every bike part

Bicycle cleaners and lubricants are still the company’s core business. The Bio Degreaser, for example, quickly removes all kinds of grease and oil off metal, aluminum or plastic. X-3 Dirty Chain Machine cleans your chain without getting lube on your skin. There is also a tool for that cleans sprockets and derailleurs called Bio Drivetrain Cleaner. Some cleaners can ruin your disc brakes, you should buy Muc-Off’s cleaners for your rotors

A well-greased system works best!

Of course, you can not only clean your bike with Muc-Off’s help, they also sell great products for bike maintenance. There’s drive train lube or grease. Muc-Off you makes chain lube for all kinds of weather, there is some wet days (England's weather fairy sends her regards!), dry days or frosty temperatures. Muc-Off is also happy to help you build in your new bike parts, there are different assembly pastes and a carbon assembly compound.

What comes after bike cleaning and drive train lubrication? Right. A new day in the saddle! But you don't have to carry half the bike park home with you again, there are also various dirt-repellent sprays that not only make your steed shine, but also makes sure that dirt can no longer stick to your bike.

The right care for your e-bike

On the one hand, e-bikes are bicycles like any other, but on the other hand, they require many high-tech components that do not function under the same conditions as a purely mechanical bicycle. Therefore, you should use special e-bike cleaners and e-bike care products to bring your pedelec back to shape!

Get the Muck off your bike!

So if you're a fan of a clean and perfectly maintained bike, you can buy the full range of Muc-Off’s bike cleaners right here on BMO. Whether you want to clean or service your ride, Muc-Off products give your bike a luxurious beauty treatment.