Pirelli bicycle tires? Doesn't the famous brand name sound more like motocross, Formula 1 or calendar? Certainly, Pirelli is known for car and motorcycle tires and the motor racing scene. But their bicycle tires also aim for podium positions. If you are looking for bicycle tires from a world-famous premium manufacturer, you should definitely shop for our Pirelli tires, that let you lay down some rubber on your road bike, MTB or city bike.

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Things to know about Pirelli bicycle tires

In 1872, the demand for tires - whether bicycle tires or otherwise - was still modest, so Giovanni Battista Pirelli initially founded a factory that processed rubber into all sorts of things. In 1894 the first Pirelli tire was introduced, actually it was a bicycle tire ("Velociped tire"), even if today the core business is rather car and motorcycle tires. 

Since its founding, Pirelli has been based in Milan, Italy, but in the early years the company set the course for international success with plants in England, Spain and Argentina. Today, the headquarters are still in Milan, but the company also owns 18 production facilities in 12 countries, and 73 million car tires alone are produced there each year. In total, Pirelli employs over 30,000 people, 1700 of them at its headquarters in Milan.

Pirelli is a true giant when it comes to tires!

Pirelli's long company history has also seen a dip in success, but the tire manufacturer has since recovered. Today, the brand is one of the leading manufacturers of bicycle tires, car tires and motorcycle tires. The company leaves the budget products to other manufacturers; Pirelli clearly positions itself in the premium segment and describes the majority of its products as "high-quality"; standard models only make up a small part of the portfolio. Why is that important? Quite simple: When you mount Pirelli bicycle tires, you know you're dealing with the best quality the market has to offer! 

Pirelli's innovations make bicycle tires better

Pirelli distinguishes between "Consumer Tires", tires for everyone and everyday life and tires made for racing and professional terms. Lots of brain power is invested to improve efficiency and, above all, safety in race tires, custom tires and tires for special purposes. 

To stay at the top of premium manufacturers of tires of all kinds, Pirelli is constantly on the lookout for new material compounds and technologies that can make driving safer. Research and development in the production of (bicycle) tires is therefore taken very seriously, Pirelli cooperates with 50 universities to always be at the forefront of the best of the best in the tire industry. Cooperation with luxury car manufacturers and racing teams provides direct access to test results. The effort is obviously paying off; the company holds just under 6000 patents. All this know-how naturally influences the design of Pirelli bicycle tires.

All this know-how naturally goes into the design of Pirelli bicycle tires.

Pirelli bicycle tires - the perfect tires for many purposes

Pirelli bicycle tires are divided into four different product families, P Zero, Cinturato, Angel and Scorpion. Each of them is perfected for a very specific purpose.

Scorpion MTB tires

Optimum traction on all surfaces, including wet conditions, and sensitive handling of the bike - a MTB tire must meet the toughest demands. The rubber compound and the treads are responsible for a good grip, the base layers must prevent punctures and blowouts. All in all, not an easy task, so you should make sure that your mountain bike tires are of the highest possible quality. The base for Pirelli's Scorpion MTB tires are the compounds and structure that have proven their worth in motocross, which means you can expect a bike to just scratch the surface of their capabilities!

Pirelli's MTB tires come in a variety of widths in 27.5 and 29 inches. 

Pirelli P Zero bike tires for road bikes

Since Pirelli's "P Zero" tires were causing a stir in Formula 1 since 1986 and were known as the hallmark of performance and top speed, the name was recycled for road bike tires. P Zero offers the perfect blend of low weight, optimum rolling resistance and puncture protection.

Depending on the model, Pirelli bicycle tires for road bikes are available in different sizes from 700x26C to 700x40C.

Cinturato gravel bike tires

The world of gravel bikes is first of all versatile, and Pirelli's tires for Gravel bike take that into account. Cinturato Gravel S is perfectly adapted for riding on soft or wet surfaces. This tire offers good grip in bad weather conditions, reliable steering and a steady handling. Thanks to its speed compound, Cinturato Gravel RC is the first choice of professional athletes when a tire is mounted for intensive training or competitions. Cinturato Gravel M is considered to be a great all-round tire, this bicycle tire is designed for any weather and all surfaces. If you want to chase your gravel over smooth asphalt, you should install Cinturato Gravel H tires, they are made for brisk rides on hard surfaces.

You can buy Pirelli Gravel bike tires in 650Bx45, 650Bx50, 700x35C, 700x45C and 700x50C sizes.

Tires for city bikes

When it comes to city bikes, two features are particularly important: safety and comfort. Here, safety is not limited to puncture resistance, but also includes a confident riding experience on daily commutes and a reflective strip for better visibility in city traffic. Smooth rolling characteristics and a generous tire diameter provide the necessary comfort. Pirelli Angel bike tires for city bikes are a great choice for comfy and confident everyday rides through the urban jungle. 

Angel, Pirelli's bicycle tire for everyday bikes, is available in tire sizes from 28-622 to 57-584.

Pirelli bike tires for E-MTBs

If you ride a "normal" electric bike that supports you up to 25km/h you don't have to worry about special tires, you can actually choose any bicycle tire you want (still you're better off with eBike approved tires!). The situation is different for "speed pedelecs", faster eBikes that assist you up to 45km/h. Here you need bicycle tires with a special certification. 

However, it's recommended to always mount a set of specifically designed bike tires on an electric bike, even more so on an e-mountain bike. These tires provide better grip and more riding stability to meet the demands of an electric bike's higher speeds and this will definitely improve your safety. 

Since an electric bike is always heavier too, it can cause a lot of wear and tear on the tires and inner tubes. That's why a special puncture protection is built into e-bike tires to prevent flats. Among Pirelli's MTB Scorpion tires you can find some specific e-bike approved models.

Buy Pirelli bicycle tires online

If you want to treat your bike to some luxury, Pirelli bike tires are a good point to start. Due to a long experience in motorsports, those hoops have good riding characteristics and a reliable puncture safety. But even the most puncture proof tires are no guarantee, so you should not forget to order new tubes and one or the other spare tube while you’re at it. You can of course also treat yourself to a set of new wheels, hubs, rims and wheels are also available here in the BMO online store. And do not forget the tools you need for mounting your new tires and a bicycle pump!

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