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You are mainly one thing: on the go. AEVOR makes sure that you have everything you need on your strays through the city with you. From large to small, AEVOR makes backpacks, fanny packs and shoulder bags. Their urban design is just as exciting and flexible as your everyday life. You can wear AEVOR’s bags with a clear conscience, all products sport several ecolabels and are manufactured under fair working conditions. Below, we’ll tell you more about the bike packs from Cologne, Germany. 

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Things to know about AEVOR

“Urban design” can be many things. AEVOR’s interpretation of the concept is clean, versatile and functional. The big city is exciting enough, hassle-free baggage is what you need to make it through the day. On top of that, do you belong to the growing number of people who not only pay attention to the design and functionality of their stuff? Does your footprint play a role when you choose new things? Then AEVOR creates exactly what you want and the way you want.

Combining sustainability and style were on the agenda when the company was founded in Cologne in 2016. A fair and eco-friendly process was meant to render products that hide lots of function behind a simple facade. A few years and several lines and product ranges later AEVOR still makes backpacks, hip bags, shoulder bags, day packs and travel packs that remain true to their organic roots but also keep up with the latest in fashion. 

Since biking has become an ever more vital part of urban mobility, AEVOR produces bike packs that show off the simple looks of all of their bags, but secretly works like a full-blown functional bike pack. The airy back makes it comfortably non-sweaty to wear all day long, the shoulder straps are built to give you enough room to lean towards your handlebar. There are mounts for your lock and rear light, there is also an extra rain-proof pocket for your laptop. The outer material is water-resistant, you get many small pockets for all your bits and pieces. If those bits and pieces turn out to multiply, you can simply increase your pack’s content from 18 to 24 liters. 

AEVOR also makes other bags that meet the needs of bikers, like Sacoche. Several strategically placed straps make sure that it stays in place while you pedal, rather than traveling from your back downwards until it dangles in front of your belly. If you like to have quick access to your phone, keys and cash, you can stick all of this into AEVOR’s equally non-dangling Front Bag.

While the design speaks for itself, there is a long list of certificates that show that AEVOR’s promise of eco-friendliness is not mere gibberish. All fabrics used are produced ecologically and according to GOTS standards. Plastic parts make use of recycled PET – old plastic bottles are so much better off ending up as a backpack than in the sea, don’t you think? There is a BlueSign to prove that the production uses only as much energy and water as is strictly necessary, while Fair Wear guarantees fair wages and good working conditions. 

AEVOR also makes clothes, by the way. There is a line of windbreakers, hoodies and shirts. BMO being a bike shop, right now we concentrate on bike packs and bags suitable for bikers.

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