Bicycle Clothing for Children

You can buy cycling shorts, cycling gloves and cycling shirts in children's sizes. Of course, you can also buy warm or waterproof cycling jackets for kids to have. But what biking gear really makes sense for kids? The most important piece of kid's clothing when out on a bike is, without question, a high-quality children's helmet. But should you purchase additional special cycling clothes for your kid?

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When is it worth buying cycling clothing for children?

For a child who rides a bike to kindergarten but no further, a complete bike outfit is probably rather excessive. Then, in addition to a children's helmet, a cycling jacket is a good purchase. Children need additional cycling clothing especially if the whole family is going on longer tours. Children on racing bikes are rather a rare phenomenon, so special children's clothes for this bike discipline are rare. In contrast, there is a really big choice of mountain bike parts for kids. Since these clothes are particularly robust and also extremely casual, they are not only suitable for the first attempts on the MTB, they are always and everywhere comfortable and practical.

  • Essential bike wear for occasional or short rides

The bicycle helmet is mandatory, sure. Apart from that, it makes sense to buy a cycling jacket for winter and a raincycling jacket for kids. 

A pair of biking gloves is a good purchase, especially for younger children. If the tots fall with the bike - don't worry, this is normal and just happens all the time in the beginning - they will break the fall with their hands. Bicycle gloves with a sturdy, padded layer over the palm will protect little hands from injury. 

  • Children's cycling clothes for bike rides

The longer you're in the saddle with the whole family at a stretch, the more comfortable functional clothing is for kids, too. The breathable fabrics dry quickly, a pleasant, dry skin climate is created inside and even during breaks, the children do not cool down. In addition to helmet, cycling jacket and gloves, padded cycling pants are especially comfortable to wear on long rides. 

  • Bicycle clothing for bad weather

Even when the weather isn't actually cold, wet fingers on the handlebars cool off quickly. As the front point, your hands are exposed to the chilling ride wind without protection. Warm, waterproof gloves provide a remedy. 

Bicycle helmets usually have numerous vents. They're handy when it's warm. When it's raining, not so much. A rain hood for your bike helmet will seal them off.

A waterproof rain jacket completes the bad-weather outfit. 

  • Mountain bike gear for kids

If your kids enjoy trail scrubbing with you, you should gradually purchase mountain bike pants and mountain bike jerseys and jackets. Mountain bike apparel is made of extra-durable fabrics that won't instantly tear every time you fall or go to shreds when they catch on a branch. This isn't just easy on your budget! Tear-resistant fabrics protect the skin underneath from abrasions. 

Mountaibike gloves are essential protection for kids' hands.

Don't forget to buy the right protectors too, preferably before the up-and-coming biker flies off the corner at the bike park for the first time. 

A cool bike jacket for girls and boys

A children's bike jacket comes with many benefits that pay off on more than just the bike. On the bike, its special cut makes a bike jacket especially comfortable.The sleeves are long enough that the arms can be comfortably stretched to the handlebars, at the shoulders, the jackets leave enough room, so they do not cut in. The back is extra long, so everything stays tucked in nicely even when sitting on the bike. 

If you want to cycle regardless of the weather, make sure the jackets are waterproof. Many jackets are water repellent, which is sufficient for short rides in light rain. Only a waterproof jacket with a high water column will be truly waterproof over a long period of time! Like all sportswear, high-quality rain jackets are nevertheless breathable. This allows moisture to evaporate out of the interior and the wetness does not accumulate on the skin.

Bike jackets are also often windproof, especially around the chest. So the cold wind from the front has no chance. 

Here in the online shop you can buy many different cycling jackets for girls, boys and in neutral colors. So that the jacket fits well, it is also in many different sizes. If you buy it a little bigger, a thick sweater or fleece jacket can be put on underneath, so the jacket can be worn well into the fall.

By the way, you don't have to buy everything twice, Bicycle rain jackets or thermal jackets can be worn anytime and anywhere, not just on the bike. 

Children's cycling shorts 

Padded bike shorts aren't just comfortable for adults on a bike, kids like to ride with extra padding too. Bike shorts also have particularly flat seams on the inside in the seat area, so they don't chafe.

Mountain bike shorts in children's sizes often have pads already built in to protect the tailbone or hip bones in the event of a fall.

Bike shirts and jerseys for kids

Truthfully? Bike shirts aren't necessarily a must-have. But for many kids, they're great motivation to stick it out to the end! Especially the shirts delivered by our cool MTB brands like FOX or 100% are a real fashion statement. For other manufacturers, the focus is on function. Well-known outdoor specialist Vaude sews kids' shirts that are breathable and dry quickly, plus they bring a high sun protection factor. 

Naturally, sportswear for kids is well washable, it will not lose its shape or function even after many washes. 

How much need for warmth does your child have?

Frostbite or little oven? Like adults, children have a very individual need for warmth. Some kids work up a sweat quickly, while others prefer to put on an extra layer. That's why the onion skin look is particularly suitable for children who are active outdoors. Here, many thin layers are combined, the overall package is toasty warm, but can be adjusted on the go. A bike hoodie is pulled over a cycling jersey. Over this comes a warming fleece jacket or a softshell jacket. A thin rain jacket is the finishing touch. If your son or daughter gets too warm on the road, the layers can disappear piece by piece in the bike rucksack. When it gets cooler, an extra insulating layer can be put on. 

If your child wants to put several layers on top of each other, it is advisable to buy the top layers slightly larger. This way they provide enough space, plus they fit longer. You'll find cycling clothes for kids here in many different sizes, so you can put together an outfit that fits comfortably. 

Safety on the Bike

Safety is and always will be the most important aspect on a bike! Therefore, a child should never get on their bike without a bicycle helmet! Gloves are inexpensive and effectively protect the hands from injury in the event of a fall.

On the road, it is especially important that children are seen well. Therefore, the outerwear for children usually shines in bright colors, so little cyclists are seen well even in low light conditions. There are often additional reflectors, which further improve visibility at dusk or in bad weather. If the children's bike is then equipped with bright lights, maximum safety is ensured.