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Bike frames made from steel are considered slightly outdated these days. Bombtrack however, proves every day that alloy and carbon mixtures are not always your best choice. In 2011, the small bike manufacturer Bombtrack set out from Cologne, Germany, to inspire the bike world with fantastic bikes based on an indestructible steel base. The idea: They wanted to build bikes that are not only used for a quick drive to the corner store or as a fashion accessory, but honest steel bikes for honest cyclists.

Bombtrack Highlights

Things to know about Bombtrack

The three founding fathers met while working for their current parent company wethepeople BMX. They quickly found out they shared a great passion: cycling. They had years of  BMX, MTB and road bike experience under their belts and the time was right, now they wanted to share their passion for bicycles and the philosophy that went with it with others. Long before "sustainability" was in everyone's mouth, they wanted to create bikes that offered timeless substance above all. No fast-lived, throwaway products. No faceless mass products. No big bells and whistles, but fine, thought-trough details.

Bombtrack steel bikes are built for connoisseurs

Bombtrack’s first creation was a BMX called Dash. The bosses themselves invested years of BMX experience into the development, and its unmistakable, clean look is still a landmark among BMX bikes today, soon to be followed by a time trial bike and a classic fixie. The steel frames “Made in Cologne” were received enthusiastically throughout the bike scene, with each model the fan base grew and still grows. Over the years, Bombtrack's range of bicycles expanded rapidly. With the Hook series and Audax, the range now also includes athletic gravel bikes and travel bikes. Arise is a typical city bike, while design and functionality bear the unmistakable Bombrack signature. Beyond in particular is exceptional and one of a kind. The incredible steel MTB with a rigid fork stands out from the large numbers of hardtails produced these days. It revives the original spirit of mountain biking, where individuality and pioneering were more important than mass products.

Initially only steel frames were produced, today there are also bike frames made of aluminum or carbon, even some exclusive titanium bikes are available. What has remained, however, is the unmistakable clean look. In addition to durability and sleek frame constructions, steel always scores with a certain amount of inherent damping, so even without elaborate suspension, the bikes offer sufficient riding comfort. 

Become part of the Bombtrack family

Despite growing numbers of bikes sold and numerous models, the German company has always remained true to their philosophy. A bike should remain a bike, it’s not a fashion accessory, no high-tech piece with grandeur delusions, not a companion for one night. Even with the range of products getting wider and wider, Bombtrack wants to be an authentic next-door manufacturer of bicycles. The love for high-quality bicycles with hand-picked and durable equipment are their top priority. So even the bike pros and athletes who are sponsored by Bombtrack are not the "Bombtrack Racing Team", but a "Bombtrack Family"

In our Bombtrack brand store you will find all the bikes Bombtrack offers. Arise, Hook or Beyond you will find the perfect bike that suits your personal taste. We also carry Bomtrack’s bike parts, such as handlebars and stems, various drop bars and stylish moustache handlebars.

Dream bike or bike dreams?

If you ride a Bombtrack, you probably don't like to leave it all alone in the bike rack. But when it's time to park your bike, there's always bike apparel to accompany you around the clock as a small consolation. Classic bike caps and hoodies are a great reminder of your favorite ride when you're in a meeting or on the subway. Since Bombtrack’s t-shirts can even be worn in bed, sweet bike dreams are guaranteed!

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