Lowerable Vario seat post

Mountainbiking wäre ohne absenkbare Sattelstützen nicht das, was es ist. Erst als der Sattel per Variostütze schnell aus dem Weg geräumt werden konnte, war der Weg frei für technische Höchstleistungen. Ein Dropper Post macht Geländeritte nicht nur einfacher und vielseitiger, sondern auch sicherer. Aber wusstest du, dass er auch am Alltags-Fahrrad gute Dienste leisten kann? 

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Adjustable seat posts - For maximum trail fun and highest riding safety

Telescopic and vario seat posts cover a particularly wide range of applications in mountain biking. The adjustable seat post offers the great advantage that you can directly adjust the height of your saddle, depending on the respective section of the trail. Due to the ideal saddle height, you thus achieve maximum riding fun, optimum riding safety and maximum efficiency on the entire tour, both uphill and downhill. In contrast to a rigid seatpost  you don't have to compromise! 

Vario seat posts, which allow you to adjust the height while riding, are particularly comfortable. You can react immediately to changing route requirements without losing any time. The adjustment of the saddle height with a switch from the handlebar guarantees highest riding safety. Especially as an AM biker, enduro rider or freerider, you should not do without anadjustable seat post !