Bicycle rain pants

There are two kinds of bikers who will mount their bikes even when it’s pouring. Some depend on their bike as a means of transport and have to get to work, school or university, no matter how bad the weather is. On the other hand there are some bikers who just love cycling, and even a rainshower can't stop them. If you belong to one of these categories, you need a good pair of rain pants.

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No weather is too bad for you and your bike ...

The ground is covered in mud and it's raining cats and dogs, that's the typical picture of the forests and roads in autumn and winter. To make sure that riding fun doesn't fall by the wayside, you should definitely get yourself a pair of high-quality cycling rain pants, because even in heavy rain and mud, you can have a lot of fun on your bike with the right clothing. We offer you trousers made from robust and waterproof material that still offers high breathability. Bicycle rain pants are often made from extremely durable fabric, which ensures that the pants will not tear or get holes in case of a fall. In our shop you will find the right weatherproof cycling shorts for different conditions, even for real muck weather. 

Are there smart cycling rain pants for men and women?

Quite honestly - rather not. You can make fashion statements with your cycling jersey fashion statements, too biking rain jackets are suitable for showcasing your style. The overtrousers are a no-go here. It's a purely functional piece, it has to deliver what it promises - tightly, that is - and that's it.

That's why most rain pants for cyclists are plain black. You also have to do without figure-hugging cuts for women and men after all, your trousers have to fit underneath, so a tight cut would be of little help. You can buy short and long cycling rain pants for men and women in the usual sizes from S to XXL here in the online shop, but since their shape is rather undefined, most models are suitable for both sexes, i.e. unisex. 

Since manufacturers assume that rain pants will be worn over other pants on the bike, you can simply order them in your normal dress size, because the extra room for jeans or cloth pants underneath is already accounted for in the size of the rain pants 

How a pair of cycling rain pants works

A pair of adult mud pants-and nothing else is a pair of rain pants, basically-works just like a rain jacket. Different layers of fabric keep rainwater out while still allowing sweat to evaporate out of the jacket. The fabrics are sealed by different layers or membranes so that larger drops of water can't get in. However, water vapour does escape to the outside, so the fabric is breathable. This means that sweat doesn't slosh around inside the pants, even during the most intense workouts, and you feel nice and dry. This works best, by the way, if the layer underneath the rain pants is also breathable and cannot soak up sweat. If you're wearing the rain pants for bike training, you should therefore also wear a pair of bicycle functional pants underneath, for shorter everyday rides a pair of normal pants will do. 

Many cycling rain pants are also windproof, so your legs won't cool down in the wind.

A pair of cycling rain pants also brings all the benefits of a cycling pants with it: 

  • The fabric is stretchable, so you can move around in the rain pants without restrictions.
  • A pair of cycling rain pants leaves you enough room to sit. Other rain pants, for example, are made for hikers, someone who stands upright . A pair of cycling rain pants takes into account the riding posture of a cyclist. Comfortable biking is thus assured to you. 
  • soft waistband does not exert pressure on the abdomen, many cycling rain pants can additionally be adjusted around the waist with clips, drawstring or Velcro fastenings.
  • In areas where pedaling the same way over and over would cause rapid wear, the fabric of bike shorts is especially abrasion resistant.
  • Friction causes another problem, though. The saddle waltzes the rainwater directly into the pants. Therefore, cycling rain pants are often provided in the butt area with a particularly dense layer 
  • Reflectors ensure you won't be overlooked in cloudy weather. 

There are two construction methods for getting rain pants waterproof for cyclists. 

  • Layer rain pants have different layers (engl.: layer). These pants are primarily for mountain bikers, as they can have a tear-resistant top layer on the outside, breathable layers underneath that feel comfortable against the skin, and a waterproof layer in between. As with all sportswear, the fabrics are usually made from synthetic fibres such as polyamide or polyester.
  • Membrane overtrousers often consist of a single layer to which a waterproof membrane is applied. This membrane is a mix of chemicals and seals the fabric without adding any further weight or bulk, so these rain pants are very lightweight and can be folded into a small package. This is ideal for keeping in your pocket, especially for bike rides in changeable weather. 

There are different membranes, they deliver sometimes more and sometimes less water protection. Some manufacturers, Vaude for example, work to make membranes, which are, after all, chemical substances, environmentally friendly and ensure that their fabrics are sustainable and harmless to the wearer's health.

Layer rain pants for mountain bikers

You're not going to let the weather slow you down! It's totally second nature to you whether it's pouring or the sun is shining. You and your bike, you've planned the day at the bike park, and then nothing and no one can stop you from taking the challenge too. No problem. Go ballin'. But do it in one of our mountain bike rain shorts. These shorts aren't a cover-up, they're the pants. If bad weather threatens, you can just step into your shorts in the morning, and if it rains, they'll keep your legs and butt dry. At the same time, they feel comfortable and bring all the benefits of a pair of cycling shorts. It's just that different layers of fabric or membranes ensure that the rain pants are waterproof. The MTB rain pants have, like other pants, button and zipper or a cozy elastic waistband on the belly, plus there are pockets for your small stuff, keys or a few euros. 

But of course there are also long rain pants for enduro, bike park, downhill bikers and trail.

> You can find rain pants for mountain bikers here in the online shop of Place Anxiety, Fox, or ION.

Sporty overtrousers for trekking bikers, road cyclists and gravel riders

For a trekking biker, rain pants always belong in your luggage; after all, the weather can change at any time when you're out and about. Thin, lightweight rain pants are particularly suitable here, as they don't take up too much space in the pannier. For bike trekking on gravel, the same rain pants are recommended. Gravel bikers can also go straight for MTB rain shorts,

Tight-fitting road bike rain pants have yet to be invented, so when they are, you'll find out here, of course. 

> What you need for an adventurous bike trek is revealed in our blog article "The Ultimate Bikepacking Planner".

Over-the-road pants for everyday cycling

You use your bike as a car replacement? That's an excellent idea! There's a lot to be said for doing away with gas-guzzling transportation in everyday life. The environment, the parking situation and congested roads at rush hour are just some of the reasons that make more and more people get on their bikes. Last but not least, your health also benefits from getting on your bike regularly and thus getting some exercise in the fresh air. But it's no fun sitting wet in the office all day in rainy weather. 

The rain pants for urban bikers tend to be very wide cut, so you can pull them on even over thick winter pants. The legs have long zippers, which makes it easier to put them on and take them off, and at the bottom of the foot you can adjust the width with a Velcro fastener. In this way, the cycling rain trousers can be adapted to all shoes and boots. At the waist the pants are held with an elastic band, which is still secured with a cord, so the rain pants sit comfortably and without slipping. 

> Bicycle rain pants for city bikers and everyday cyclists are made by Basil and the well-known outdoor outfitter Vaude 

Various cycling rain pants

long cycling rain pants

Most rain pants for cyclists have long legs, because that's the only way you'll stay completely dry. Plus, it often gets much cooler when it rains, so long rain pants are welcome even if you usually prefer to wear shorts. Combined with overshoes not only will your legs stay dry, but so will your shoes and feet. 

> You can find long rain pants from specific bike companies like Basil or well-known leisure brands like Vaude.

Short cycling rain pants

Short rain pants are usually not pull-over pants, they are worn directly as shorts. In warm rainy weather, they ensure that the seat area remains dry. A wet pair of shorts would have fatal consequences and end any bike ride prematurely, because wet fabric rubs - sore thighs are really no fun on the road. 

> Rain shorts are available from Place Anxiety, Endura, or ION.


A Dirtsuit is the romper among rain pants. The jacket and pants are one piece. In really crappy weather, it's the only way to stay completely dry. Especially if you're riding a bike without a mudguard that throws dirt right into the gap between your jacket and rain pants, a bike onesie is a lifesaver. 

Luckily, the developers here have put quite a bit of brainpower into cool design. The rainsuits you can buy on BMO are extremely casual to look at.

> Here on BMO you can buy Dirtsuits from top producers like Place Anxiety, Dirtlej or Endura buy.


You may have seen a western or two before. What protects cowboy legs from angry cattle, protects cyclists from rain. Rainlegs are like chaps, they cover the vulnerable areas of the leg, i.e. thighs and knees, but they are not full pants. This means that the rest of the leg remains free and you can move around unrestricted and get plenty of fresh air. For short distances and light rain, rainlegs are a very good alternative to bike rain pants.

How waterproof are rain pants?

When it comes to bike rain pants, there's no faffing about, no experimenting with water-repellent fabrics here, they go straight for absolute waterproofness. After all, when you're on your bike, you're not just dealing with rain from above. Depending on how well your mudguards work, the worst that can happen is water comes from all sides, including underneath. That's why most cycling rain pants have high water column ratings. Rainwear is tested for how quickly a fabric soaks through, and the result is given in mmWater Column. Above 4000mmWater Column (or above 8000mmWater Column, depends who you ask) a garment is considered waterproof, below that it is just water repellent. The cycling rain pants here in the shop usually have 10000mm water column. So you can expect to stay dry for quite a long time in your overtrousers on your bike.

What else belongs to the bike rain gear?

If you're getting a pair of bike rain pants, you probably already have a rain jacket. To make sure you arrive with dry feet, you can waterproof your footwear with overshoes . At the helmet accessories here in the BMO online shop you will also find covers for your bike helmet. So you are well wrapped up all around. In the category Cleaner you will not only find Bikecleaner to spruce up your bike after a tour in the rain, but also waterproofers for your rainwear. 

Before you put your dirty bike rain pants in the washing machine, make sure you read the washing instructions. Functional clothing usually needs a special treatment, special detergent and afterwards a new waterproofing with waterproofing agent.