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Each Supernova product is developed with the latest technological progress and a modern design in mind. Since 2009, the brand has regularly won many awards such as the Eurobike Award, the Red Dot Design Award, the Design & Innovation Award and the German Design Award with its lighting systems for bicycles.

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The foundation for Supernova's success story was laid in 1995, when racing cyclist Marcus Wallmeyer wanted to train after nightfall, but there was no suitable lighting for long night rides. So Wallmeyer developed the first Supernova specialist bike light himself - from a can of tomato paste, a halogen spotlight and a motorcycle battery. What was still a do-it-yourself solution at the time went on the market just two years later and became a complete success. The front spotlight in a waterproof aluminum housing was combined with a bottle battery for the bottle cage on the bike frame and was thus ridden on numerous 24h races. Until today, Supernova has maintained the principle: To provide cyclists with products with an excellent product design, the highest quality and unprecedented durability.

For this reason, you will find in our Supernova brand store also the most diverse light systems for bicycles. In addition to an outstanding quality of Supernova headlights and taillights, the flexibility of installation also plays an important role. Supernova bicycle lights are not only particularly bright and energy-efficient, but also particularly small. So they can be mounted in all conceivable places on the bike and thus ensure a tidy look of your bike. In addition, most Supernova products are designed in such a way that you can lay its cable perfectly in the bike frame and thus optimally protect them from the weather. 

In our Supernova brand store you will find, in addition to the light systems, various accessories for mounting, as well as different cables for connecting the individual products.

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