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Handlebar tape for road bikes, single speeder, fixies and gravel bikes

The handlebar tape is often used on road bikes and much in demand on some other bikes. The flexible alternative to the conventional bike handle is especially popular since the Fixi and Singlespeed bike boom. Especially with dropdown handlebars, the classic racing handlebars, the flexible tape for the handlebars offers perfect hold and a good alternative to the handle.

What to look for when buying a handlebar tape?

Leather handlebar tapes are particularly popular, but other materials such as breathable microfibres and cotton also enjoy a large following. A leather handlebar tape is particularly supple and spoils you with a very high comfort. Handlebar tapes made from synthetic material are an inexpensive alternative to leather. Padded microfibre and gel handlebar tapes offer high comfort and are especially easy to clean. The road bike handlebar tape made of cotton reduces sweaty hands on the handlebar and thus ensures a secure grip even in high temperatures.


Since handlebar tape is wrapped around the bike handlebars, many wonder, how long does the tape need to be for my handlebars? As a rule, most tapes come with 2 meters in length. It varies minimally in length and will fit most drop bars.


Handlebar tape with or without adhesive strips?

Basically, in addition to the material, you need to decide whether your new handlebar tape has an adhesive strip on the back. The advantages of the adhesive strip are obvious. For particularly slippery handlebars, the tape holds firmly to the tube and does not really slip even after years. The disadvantage lies in the assembly. Who gets tangled here, has in many cases bad luck and an annoying sticking problem. Handlebar tapes without adhesive strips must be wound accordingly tight, which takes a little practice, but forgives mistakes when winding.

The most important questions in brief:

  • What material should the handlebar tape be made of?
  • How long does the handlebar tape need to be? Most tapes have a sufficient length of 2 meters.
  • Handlebar tape with or without adhesive strips?

In our shop you can find handlebar tapes for your road bike, Singlespeeder/Fixie or Gravel Bike in all imaginable colors. For uncomplicated and quick use, the complete sets are ideal, which include the handlebar tape, handlebar end plugs and adhesive strips.