The bicycle derailleur - The clever choice of the ideal chainring

Throwing gear changes give you the MTB derailleur from our online shop. We offer the right shifting device for every bicycle drive and every requirement. In our range we carry an immensely large selection of MTB and road bike derailleurs from the two specialists: Shimano and SRAM. From the reliable mid-range derailleur to the derailleur in the high-end class, no wishes remain unfulfilled.

The high-quality and sophisticated mechanics ensure fast as well as precise gear changes in all riding situations. By shifting to the small chainring you will climb every steep hill, by changing the chain to the large chainring you will reach the maximum speed. Match any front derailleur and shifters from the respective group you can combine cassettes and 

 Multiple mounting options and different cable guides

The attachment of the front derailleur is usually done via a clamp, by means of a bottom bracket attachment or as a direct mount. Depending on your frame, you will have to resort to either a down swing or a top swing bicycle front derailleur when mounting by means of a clamp. With a direct mount, the front derailleur is screwed directly to the frame.

Decisive for the choice of the right front derailleur is also the type of cable routing. With Top Pull this is done from above, with Down Pull from below. The cable routing with Dual Pull is possible from below as well as from above. To match the front derailleurs, we also carry very good shift cables, which have a minimum of friction. This makes shifting even easier and more precise!