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Fox Shox and mountain biking simply belong together. The manufacturer of high-quality suspension elements is among the world’s top suppliers of MTB components. The history of Fox Shox began back in the mid-70s, it all started with the import of European parts for MX motorcycles to the USA when suspended bicycles were still a far-away dream.

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Things to know about Fox Shox

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? A fox would eat both, that much is clear. But which came first, Fox Shox or Fox Racing? In fact, the Shocks came first - and that was long before mountain bikes conquered the great outdoors! In the 1970s, Geoff Fox set up a small store selling imported parts for motocross bikes from Europe to the US. Just two years later, the first home-built  shocks succeeded in the first practical testing and Fox Racing Shox was born. Bikers wore jerseys with the fox logo at events to advertise the racing team’s parts, which quickly attracted a huge demand. Those team jerseys laid the foundation for the company's offshoot, the MTB apparel brand Fox Racing (it has its own brand store here on BMO). The company delivers some of the world’s finest suspension forks and frame suspension, they are based in Watsonville, California.

From MX to MTB

Just a few years after its founding, the shock manufacturer expanded its focus from motorcycles to cars and snowmobiles. In 2001, Fox produced suspension forks for bicycles for the first time under the name Fox Forks. To this day, the company is one of the highest-quality suppliers of suspension elements for mountain bikes and the logo with the fox tail has long since achieved cult status. In 2015, competitor Marzocchi was facing financial difficulties and was taken over, bringing with it Marzocchi’s expertise, products and fan base. Among the most successful products today are the two legendary suspension forks Fox 40 and Fox 36. They are real icons in enduro and downhill sports, some of the best riders in the world count on the performance of these suspension forks. But Fox also supplies the matching rear shocks, you can buy both air shocks and steel spring shocks. As a third product category, the Americans sell dropper posts and all the necessary spare parts.

Fox Shox suspensions

Many of the best riders in all MTB disciplines are equipped with Fox Shox suspensions. Fox Float air shocks are internationally regarded as benchmarks that define the standard, while Fox Factory coil shocks have solidly occupied the premium segment for years. Thanks to the wide range of setups, dampers like the iconic DHX2 steel coil shock offer limitless riding on any surface. Whether you’re looking for snappy suspension for speedy touring fullys or XC bikes, medium travel ranges for trail bikes or maximum bounce for enduro and downhill bikes, Fox Shox will bring traction, damping and efficiency to your chassis.

Fox suspension forks

No matter if your ride is a hardtail or fully suspended, it needs a capable Factory suspension fork made by Fox Shox to go the full nine. Many MTB pros rely on a front suspension built by Fox, including enduro athletes like Richie Rude and Tracy Moseley, who stir up the Enduro World Series with Fox 36 forks. Throughout the Downhill World Cup, it's not much different. Medal winner Aaron Gwin rides a Fox 40 and freely admits to being a fan of its precise performance over the roughest terrain. 

In our Fox Shox brand store you will find a variety of products. Apart from the obvious – forks and shocks, of course – there are Fox Shox accessories as well as spare parts for forks and shocks. By the way, Fox provides tuning guides and set-up guides, and also a spring calculator, which helps you choose the right shock on their homepage. You can also have your Fox suspension fork and shocks professionally serviced directly by the manufacturer, so the ultimate riding fun can go into the next round!

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