Cycling jerseys

Loose-fitting and casual or skin-tight and aerodynamic - it's all a question of style! When it comes to cycling jerseys, it is not only your clothing style that needs to be taken into consideration, also your preferred cycling discipline makes a difference. There are special road bike jerseys, mountain bike shirts or shirts for touring cyclists. They come in different shapes, sizes and functions, but they all have one thing in common: you can buy them right here on BMO. Which jersey is best for your cycling plans?

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Your bike shirt is a real statement

With a cycling jersey, cyclists show their colours. Besides the look, the function also plays a major role. Today, there are a large number of manufacturers who make sure that you not only feel comfortable in a cycling jersey, but that the jerseys also meet all the requirements of the current fashion. In this regard, cycling jerseys mainly differ into three categories: mountain bike shirts, road bike jerseys and other tops

When is a shirt a jersey?

Let's start with some material science: jersey is actually a special weaving technique that makes fabrics elastic and stretchy. The name is also used for the fabric created by this manufacturing technique. Stretchy tricot fabric is best suited for sportswear, because freedom of movement is particularly important here. Thus, at some point, the name of the fabric became the name for a elastic functional shirt for athletes.

When the term cycling jersey is used, many immediately think of tight-fitting race bike shirts but wide-fitting mountain bike jerseys are now available in many variations. 

By the way, the terms cycling jersey and cycling shirt are not completely synonymous, even if the differences are razor-thin and tend to disappear altogether depending on the manufacturer. A cycling jersey falls under functional clothing and is made of special synthetic fibers. The synthetic fibres make the fabric breathable, light and stretchy. They also ensure that the clothes dry quickly. A bike shirt or bike shirt tends to be made of cotton or cotton blend and has the looser cut of a regular T-shirt. 

The cut of cycling jerseys is adapted to sport, the seated position on the bike would quickly make you stand, or sit, belly up in a normal shirt. That's why cycling tops tend to be longer than other sportswear, and the sleeves and shoulders also add a few extra inches. This way, you can comfortably stretch your arms forward, your forearms stay covered and your upper arms have enough freedom of movement. All in all, the cut and fabric make for a comfortable feel that a regular shirt or t-shirt just couldn't provide. 

You can also find cycling jerseys under the English term jerseycycling jersey, or bike jersey, which incidentally also stands for weave, fabric and sports shirt here.

Conclusion: a bike jersey is a lightweight, stretchy sports shirt whose cut is specifically designed for the riding position on a bike. 

Race bike jerseys

Skin-tight and smooth, that's how you imagine a road cycling jersey. There's a reason for this texture: road cyclists are in a hurry, so fluttering shirts would be rather counterproductive. Therefore, the classic road jersey is as tight-fitting as possible. To make sure you can comfortably slip into your jersey, there is often a flat zipper on the front. The fabrics used for road cycling clothing are more like swimwear, they are made of synthetic fibres, are smooth, thin, light and dry very quickly. At the back, the shirts often have pockets for energy bars, mobile phone or water bottle.

Often road cycling jerseys are quite classic black, but there are also white or colorful versions. The jersey colors known from the big bike races are of course especially popular. With a yellow jersey you spread Tour de France feeling, a pink jersey reminds of the leader in the overall standings of the Giro d'Italia.

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Mountain bike jerseys

On the mountain bike, a casual skater look is in, baggy is the magic word. Bright colors, cool slogans or your favorite bike brand, here you can let off steam visually as well as on the bike. But the slouchy look also has practical reasons. The shirts for enduro artists or freeride acrobats offer enough space to wear all kinds of protectors underneath. If you plan to wear protective vests under your MTB jersey, you'll want to buy it in a larger size to be on the safe side.

The fabrics are durable and won't take unplanned contact with tree limbs, branches or the ground personally - so you won't come home from every ride with a tattered shirt.

Mountain bike jerseys are often long-sleeved, so thorns tug at your shirt, not your skin.

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Cycling jerseys for trekking bikers

With all the enthusiasm for road bikes and mountain bikes, trekking cyclists tend to get lost, yet they in particular benefit immensely from the advantages of special cycling clothing. The longer the tour, the better fabrics feel that dry quickly, are breathable and allow plenty of freedom of movement thanks to their stretch. As you are often in traffic on a bike tour, these cycling jerseys often have reflective elements, so you will be seen well at dusk or in bad weather. 

Bike jerseys are especially popular on tours lasting several days, because they have a decisive advantage: you can wash them out in the evening. Since the fabrics dry quickly, with a bit of luck your top will be ready to go and fresh again the next morning.

Under the radar...

For other styles of cycling, dedicated cycling jerseys tend to make little sense. For the way to work on a city bike, for example, it is not really necessary to resort to special functional shirts. Nevertheless, there is more and more Urban Bikewear that reconciles the dress code in the office with the demands of bike wear. Pants that look like jeans but have the features of bike shorts and shirts with collars and plackets but otherwise the cut of a bike shirt are practical for anyone who has a long commute by bike. 

True Brand Shirts

This isn't about the fashionable shirts that influencers dance around Instagram in, this is about the shirts of your favourite bike brands. On a shirt, you can show the world the brand of your favorite bike 24/7. That's exactly why bike companies like Bombtrack make bike shirts with the company logo. Of course, manufacturers of bike parts and bike accessories are right up there too. Producers like Easton or Endura not only supply helmets, bike tools or wheels, but also jerseys. But of course you will also find jerseys from well-known manufacturers here in the online shop, who are mainly known for their functional bike clothing. These include Endura, Leatt or Oneal. 

Our tip: These shirts are a great gift idea for two-wheeler lovers!

Long sleeve shirt or short sleeve jersey?

You've already read it in the MTB shirts section, long sleeves aren't just a fashion issue, they protect you off-road. And not least from pesky mosquitoes or ticks and sunburn. The riding wind usually ensures that long-sleeved shirts feel comfortable even in warm weather. Of course, the length of the sleeves also depends on the weather and the season. 

For summer a lightweight bike jersey with short or long sleeves is most comfortable, for the Ütransitional season thin jerseys with long sleeves are recommended. In winter a long-sleeved shirt under jacket and jumper is ideal. Since your arms and chest area are constantly exposed to the wind on a bike, several warming layers are important, especially in winter, so you don't get chilled. 

Women's cycling jerseys

The majority of all cycling clothing is designed and made for men, but they do exist, the cycling shorts, jerseys and jackets specifically for women. Here in the shop, you can easily filter cycling jerseys by gender to see our wonderful selection of women's jerseys. The fabrics and features are absolutely identical, but the cuts are typical women's versions. This means that the shirts are fitted and ensure that women cut a good figure on the bike. Nevertheless, the shirts have a long back and offer enough space around the shoulders. Most cycling jerseys for women are rather high necked. This means that the neckline is not low. This allows you to bike in an athletic position without showing too much. There are long-sleeved jerseys for women, but also many short-sleeved jerseys, which version you buy is simply a matter of taste.

There are many road bike jerseys for ladies, mountain bike shirts for ladies on the other hand are rather thin on the ground.

Bike jerseys for men

Men have a huge choice when it comes to cycling shirts, with mountain bike shirts in particular offering a massive amount of styles, colours, brands and fits. The wide, comfortable shirts with long or short sleeves and enough space for protectors are available from all kinds of manufacturers and in many different designs. From heavy metal monster prints to monochrome shirts, everything is up for grabs. 

You can also buy road cycling jerseys in the typical Athletic Fit in many different variations. You have the choice between long-sleeved jerseys and short-sleeved shirts, shirts with zipper or without and of course many different colors. 

Bike jerseys keep you safe

"It's just a shirt...", anyone who thinks this is the case is sorely mistaken. This supposedly unimportant part of the bike outfit actually contributes to your safety. 

  • Color: Classic black clothing, while very chic, is not a good idea on a bike. Especially if you cycle a lot in the city, between cars your upper body is highly visible - if you wear flashy clothes. Therefore, colorful bike jerseys are highly recommended, because they shine well visible in any weather.
  • Reflectors: Many cycling jerseys have reflective stripes, reflective zips or logos that light up on the back. So you'll catch the eye of motorists as soon as the headlights shine on you. 
  • Tear-resistant fabric: Later on in the MTB cycling jerseys section, we already mentioned that bike shirts for off-road disciplines are often made of particularly tear-resistant fabrics. So they protect your skin from contact with thorns, branches or sharp-edged leaves.

The best cycling jersey

Here we are sorry to disappoint you, the best cycling jersey does not exist. The best cycling jersey is the one you feel comfortable in, that doesn't pinch or chafe and that you like. Colour, cut, with or without pockets - it's all a question of style and taste! That's why we have a large selection of shirts for you in our shop. You can filter by women's shirts and men's shirts and we also have colors, sizes or our top manufacturers for you in the direct selection. 

The shirts of our brand Platzangst are especially cool, you can order the stylish and affordable bike gear exclusively on BMO. You'll also find everything you need on two wheels, from enduro socks to rain gear to the right biking helmet. Just put together a cycling outfit you feel absolutely comfortable in, have fun browsing!