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That’s what you might call a worthwhile theft! This time there wasn’t only one lucky thief, in this case, the entire cycling community profited! Ambitious club cyclist Jim McFarlane joined a triathlon team while living in Australia. After all of his gear was stolen at a cycling event, he searched for new, good quality cycling equipment - unfortunately there was none to be found. Disillusioned, McFarlane returned from Down Under to his native Scotland and began producing his own cycling clothing in 1993.

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Things to know about Endura

The basic idea Scottish bike clothing manufacturer Endura started off with is as simple as ambitious. They want to produce cycling clothing that wins bikers over with its functionality - and also lasts as long as possible. If functionality and durability team up with perfect wearing comfort it sounds like the outcome could be some of the best biking clothing on the planet. And "planet" is a good cue too. How can it be produced eco-friendly? The stakes for developers and designers are undoubtedly very high. It goes without saying that no compromises should be made in terms of looks, either. But can all that be achieved in, say, one cycling jersey? 

After the less than satisfactory attempt to have part of the bike clothing produced in other textile factories all over Scotland, Endura began to manufacture more and more products on their own premises. Since the beginning 1993, Endura's in-house production has been expanding steadily, because that is the only way the company has full control over the manufacturing process, the materials and the end result of the development process. Above all, that way, Endura has a say in the working conditions.

MTB and Endura go way back…

The MT500 range was Endura's first attempt at making tight cycling shorts, jerseys and shorts that were so fashionable at the time. During the same period, the worldwide triumph of mountain biking was happening at breakneck speed. Especially Endura's mountain bike shorts were greeted enthusiastically by the MTB community and the manufacturer quickly became “first choice”. Since then, Endura has become the largest cycling apparel brand in the UK. Today, the brand sells clothing for mountain biking, road biking and casual bike clothing through distributors around the world.

Innovative cycling clothing with convincing functionality

Season after season, Endura continues to stir up the clothing market with it’s smart designs and innovative technologies. Bicycle jackets might have an integrated LED light or even a reflective surface. The heat-insulating layer Primaloft or cooling shirts with Coldback Technology are the two extremes that prove Endura's cycling clothing can provide a comfy climate in any weather. Extremely tear-resistant fabrics are not only easy on your wallet, but also on your hide. If Jim McFarlane had stayed in Australia, it probably wouldn't have come to this, but in Scotland, proper rain protection is essential. And so Endura's bike rainwear is absolutely legendary. It has (depending on the model) a huge water column of 30 000mmHG on top of its good breathability. Whether you like to get on your road bike in your spare time, give your all in time trials or go off-road on your mountain bike, functional bike wear not only enhances your comfort but also your performance.

The right pad for everyone

While other manufacturers just put some kind of pad in their cycling shorts, Endura puts a lot of brainpower into developing the perfect seat pad. Developers don't just experiment with proprietary material, they make the pads for bike pants – and this is absolutely unique – in different shapes and sizes. Special ergonomic pads in bike shorts for men and women reduce pressure and friction in the seat area, they come in different designs for different cycling disciplines and training intensities.

Endura Koroyd protects brains, hands and knees

The cushioning material Endura builts into body armor and helmets is called Koroyd. The secret of those guards are many thousands of co-polymer plastic tubes. They are thermally welded together to create a lightweight, breathable protective layer that absorbs impact. It is used in bicycle helmets, all kinds of pads and guards and also in protector backpacks for mountain bikers.

Sustainable biking clothing for men and women

In addition to excellent functionality, Endura today has another goal, and it's no less ambitious than the ones described above: they want to save the world... Ethically correct, locally and eco-friedly production, garments made from recycled materials with non-toxic coatings in biodegradeable packaging and CO2 neutrality through tree planting - the list of measures with which the Scots contribute to the preservation of the planet is long and lets you get on your bike with a clear conscience. The plan isn't entirely altruistic, though; at the end of the day, it's all about preserving the most beautiful biking spots, right?

The Champs ride Endura!

The list of cycling athletes sponsored by Edura is about as long as your arm. First up, of course, is cycling acrobat and fellow-Scotsman Danny MacAskill, who likes to stop by at Endura’s headquarters to pick up a coffee and the latest products. But Kriss Kyle, Nathalie Schneitter and other UCI champions are also responsible for product testing under extreme conditions. You want to bike like the winners? In our Endura brand store we offer you a wide selection of their top-quality biking clothing. For your training in high temperatures, we have MTB jerseys and cool baggy cycling shorts. For the cold season, there are great road bike jerseys as well as hoodies and sweaters. With caps, overshoes and rain pants there are no more excuses not to get on the bike in the rain. And to make sure that your offspring has nothing to complain about out on the road, Endura bike clothing is also available for children. On their homepage you will find a lot of interesting information about Endura!

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