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Platzangst (engl. “claustrophobia”) has been part of the German gravity scene for a long time; its origins lie in Eastern Germany, in Eisenach. André Horak was tired of sitting on his mountain bike in spandex clothing and began to tailor his own pants from fabrics meant for terrace awnings. Luckily, his grandmother, who was a tailor, could lend a hand in developing patterns, the first one was made from an old bed sheet and adjusted several times until the biking pants fit perfectly. André Horak then found a manufacturer who sold cordura awning fabrics at a reasonable price and so Platzangst was ready to take off.

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The first real collection was launched in 2004 - a pair of zip-off pants and two different jerseys. This was also the beginning of a success story.

One of the most important Platzangst products is undoubtedly the BULLDOG pants. Made of robust fabric, it takes a beating and does not do without technical details. A special feature of the long pants is that you can separate their legs with a zipper. This was well received in the scene from the beginning.

Today, Platzangst has significantly more products to offer in the portfolio and presents not only an extremely extensive mountain bike collection with jerseys, jackets, protectors, T-shirts, MTB shorts and MTB socks, but also a complete range of gravel and road clothing such as gravel pants, jackets, gravel jerseys and gravel socks. 

In the development of its new products, Platzangst places extremely high value on high functionality, which is combined with stylish designs and good cuts. To achieve this, the brand relies on feedback from various team riders who sit on the bike every day and push the clothing to its limits.

The Berlin clothing label shines with an enormously large selection of stylish and functional products. Whether you're a gravel rider or a mountain biker, you're guaranteed to find the right clothing to tackle your next adventure in our Platzangst brand store.

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