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Bicycle bottle cage - Optimal and safe hold of the drinking bottle

A sufficient supply of liquid is a must for all sports activities. A bottle cage mounted on the frame ensures that you can reach for your drinks bottle at any time without having to stop. Some bicycle frames can even be fitted with two bottle cages, which is a great advantage especially on long tours. The bottle cages from our shop guarantee an uncomplicated removal as well as an optimal hold of the drinks bottle. The bottle cages for bikes are made from high-quality plastic, aluminium or carbon. You can save a lot of weight with a bottle cage made from 100% carbon. Side guides made of plastic ensure that aluminium bottle cages neither scratch nor rattle.

Bottle holders - Many designs and a large selection

Kill two birds with one stone with water bottle holders that have an integrated holder for your air pump. Remember that you don't have to carry all the parts that can be attached to the frame on your back! Special bottle cage screws can be used to attach the bottle cage. The variety of colors available makes for a visual upgrade to your bike. With titanium screws you can further minimize the weight of your bike. Weight tuning can be this easy and effective! 

Of course you can also find the matching drinks bottles in all sizes and colours in our shop!