E-MTBs Full Suspension

Meet the incredible riding qualities of a full suspension mountain bike teamed up with an ultra-powerful MTB-specific drive unit. These full suspension e-bikes are sure to push the limits of your rides a little further and help you out with some extra energy right when you need it. They can do what a full-suspension mountain bike can do and at the same time they let you tackle more trail miles than you’ve ever dreamed of. Here, we want to take a closer look at both bikes and explain why the exciting mix of the two is the perfect bike for you.

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Adventure and lightness in personal union - the E-Bike Fully

A mountain bike is still the dream of many cyclists. Why? Simple. If you want to enjoy your bike without getting stuck somewhere, a mountain bike is the only logical choice. Only a mountain bike can be ridden off-road. The road to get there was rocky, though. And steep.

Beginning in the 1970s, a few crazy people started throwing themselves down slopes on some bike. The bikes were totally unsuitable for this at first, and were usually only worth the scrap metal price afterwards. Gradually they were adapted to the daredevil descents. So they got broader tires, sturdy frames and sometime suspension elements, but even these components had to be developed, improved and built in detail first! So bit by bit, today's hardtails were created. Already a hardtail can ride where other bikes fail miserably, on forest trails, dirt roads or even - as the name suggests - in the mountains. But when the ground becomes a real challenge, is loose or large obstacles block the way, even a hardtail has no chance. Then the only way to go is on a Fully. Here the bike is not built on a rigid frame, the frame is interrupted, the gap is closed with another suspension element. This allows the whole bike to flex when it rolls over bumps. 

When hobbyists first attempted to build an engine onto a bicycle, they were mainly ridiculed because the power the bikes put out was manageable. The first patents were filed before the 1900s, but the vehicles only became e-bikes as we know them today after the motor assistance was coupled to the pedal drive. This distinguishes e-bikes from other motorized two-wheelers: Only when pedaling does the motor provide assistance. Initially, the drives became more powerful and thus larger, and the batteries brought more riding time, but also more weight. Since about 2018, the systems are getting smaller again so they don't ruin the appearance of the bikes, at the same time they are more powerful than ever before. Since the motor units and the batteries have become almost invisible, there are more and more sporty bikes with "E". Especially in the field of mountain bikes you have today a giant choice of bikes with potent chassis, drives with a lot of power and an absolutely flawless look

The Shortcut:

What is an e-bike fully - Things to know about full-suspension electric mountain bikes

A Fully is an off-road bike, the wide tyres, suspension fork and frame shock ensure that it makes biting progress on unpaved terrain. An electric drive contributes a durable breeze at the back, you can take your bike tours completely effortlessly if you wish. 

The shocks define the Fully

Of course, the tires and frame geometry also have an impact on where exactly you can cruise around on your e-bike Fully. But the shocks define how your bike reacts to the ground. A Fully has two of them, a frame shock and another shock in the suspension fork. There are many different shocks and suspension forks, and depending on the design, they can bring more or less travel. The suspension travel (also dive travel, stroke, working travel or travel) usually ranges from 100mm to 200mm or more of travel, with more stroke meaning more off-road ability.  

Thanks to its shocks, the bike can flex on rough surfaces instead of just bouncing over them. Both wheels thus maintain good contact with the ground, and the improved traction lets you steer the bike safely and with good control through boggy terrain.

Actually every fully has shocks with lockout these days, so you can tighten up the suspension or lock it out completely.  

E mountain bikes have fat drivetrains

E-citybikes and e-trekking bikes have been around a lot longer than e-MTBs. And that's not because their respective target groups were quicker to embrace the idea of an electric-powered bike. The drives were to blame for the delay. Until a few years ago, the motors delivered jerk-free, "smooth", linear support - and were thus far too boring for a mountain bike. But then manufacturers came up with the idea of replacing "smooth" with oomph and developing e-bike motors that were actually fun to ride. 

To do this, firstly the torque was increased, a decent MTB drive brings 85 to 120 Nm and has enough horsepower to make progress off-road. 

The second point that had to be adapted to the high demands of mountain bikers was the sensory system, which doses the assistance and adapts it to the rider's movements. 

Last but not least, batteries were needed that had enough charge capacity to electrify a day in the bike park. The fact that the batteries are no longer hanging around on the outside of the frame, not only allows a sufficiently stable frame construction, but also the appearance of the bikes has gained significantly.

If you make sure when buying a fully that it comes with a motor that is built and programmed for mountain bikes, you can expect to have a tremendous amount of fun off-road. 

Does an e-bike fully do everything all by itself?

An e-bike is not a motorcycle, remember that! The motor only assists while you're pedaling. If the crank is at a standstill, the drive will no longer provide any assistance either. 

You can control how much assistance the system provides via a control on the handlebars. Every e-bike has different levels of assistance, which release more or less motor power. At a low level you have to provide a lot of power yourself, but your battery will last longer. At a high level you can easily climb the steepest hills, but you have to recharge faster.

The seating position on the Fully e-bike

"The one" seating position on the Fully does not exist. Each manufacturer works with different tube lengths, each putting you in a slightly different riding position. With an e-fully, expect a sporty posture, but not too low, after all, you also need a good overview of the trail in front of you. Most of the time, a Vario support is on board, so you can vary the riding position and adjust it again and again. And if you really don't like the posture, you can counteract it with a different stem or a new handlebar.

To get an idea of the frame geometry, you should pay attention to two values in particular - stack and reach:

  • The stack tells you how tall the frame builds up from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the head tube, in other words, how tall the frame is.
  • The Reach tells you how much horizontal distance there is between the two points. 

E-bike fullys for men and women

The frame is what makes a bike a women's bike or a men's bike, but often today it's just the paint job that makes a bike gender-specific. Even with fullys, there are large frames, small frames, frames with more reach or less stack. Fit is dependent on individual proportions and preferences, not gender. However, there are saddles, handles, and handlebars specifically for women and men.

Carbon or aluminum?

For all other mountain bikes, carbon is the material of choice, clearly, because the weight advantage of the freely formable noble fibers is simply enormous. In the higher price ranges, you'll find many bikes with a carbon frame on fullys and hardtails, while on E-bike fullys even the top versions are built on aluminium frames. With the weight that comes together thanks to the suspended frame and electric drives, the lighter frame would just bring few advantages. Therefore, the more insensitive aluminum is usually preferred here. 

Modern 1-speed gears for an e-bike Fully

An e-bike doesn't need sprawling gears with massive gear selection. On an e-fully, you'll get a mountain bike-specific 1x11 or 1x12 shift group with enough gearing for any terrain. With a derailleur, it's not the number of gears that matters, it's the transmission bandwidth, which results from the size of the sprockets, that's actually the interesting value.

A 1x11 derailleur has one chainring on the crank, the cassette has 11 sprockets, a 1x12 derailleur has 12 sprockets. The specifications of an e-bike mountain bike usually state the number of teeth of the smallest and largest sprocket, it will say "10-42" or "11-46" the smallest sprocket has 10 or 11 T (English "teeth" or Z ("teeth"), the largest has 42 or 46 T. From this the gear ratio range can be calculated. Common MTB gears have a range between 400 and 500%, some a little more, some a little less. What's noticeable to you on the bike is - to put it bluntly - a huge difference between the smallest gear and the largest gear. 

When buying an e-filly, you can count on a good derailleur from a proven manufacturer that firstly lasts a long time before the first tooth loss is to be feared and secondly shifts smoothly and precisely. By the way, don't forget to change gears, even with electric assistance! 

There's a Fully for every terrain

A Fully is uncompromisingly off-road capable, that much you've probably figured out by now. The exciting question is: Do you want to go up? Or would you rather go down? 

What exactly a Fully is capable of is determined by the tires, the respective suspension and the geometry. It's no different with e-bike fullys. There are downhill-oriented fullys - downhill fullys - that rumble downhill with plenty of suspension travel over anything in their path. There are trail e-bikes that excel in the horizontal. There are E-Enduros, that fight their way up hills with plenty of power. E-bikes with race talent do all that fast, too. And then there's a lot in between. With each model year, new fields of endeavor are explored, and the bikes' capabilities are expanded or redefined. 

But how do you find out what which bike can do? Just take a look at the specifications of the e-bikes in our online shop. For many of them, you will not only find the key data that define the bike, but also a description that defines the bike's capabilities. This will give you a good idea of which bike can do what and help you buy the perfect e-bike Fully.

> You'll find plenty more buying information on e-bike technology and choosing the right e-bike for you at our e-bikes. If you want to find out about mountain bikes, hardtails and fullys, you can do so right here in the online shop in the respective categories. 

Is an e-bike fully the right bike for you?

If you appreciate well sprung riding comfort, there is no better bike for you! The shocks smooth out all surfaces before the bumps get to you. The good road holding makes the bike feel safe on all surfaces and lets you roll confidently over all obstacles. The higher weight of the bike should not bother you, e-bike fullys are among the heaviest bikes around.

The efficiency of a fully isn't too exhilarating, though. The bikes are heavy, plus the frame shock bounces a bit with each pedaling motion, so less power ends up on the road. If you still want to go longer distances, the motor is of course a great help, but the lower efficiency also swallows a lot of battery. For extended tours at high speed, a hardtail would be the better choice!

But do you really need an e-bike?If you like to ride off-road, but want to give yourself a little extra push every now and then, you should go for an e-version instead of a bio-bike. With an e-bike you can master even the steepest climbs in a relaxed manner and without a hanging tongue, you can easily keep up with the group or ride tours that you would never have dared to do yourself. All in all, an e-bike expands your radius enormously, the only limit is the battery range.

You're also ok with possibly having another bike in the shed for everyday use to get to work efficiently? Then a Fully is the perfect toy for your adventures!

E-Fullys aren't cheap, so you should have secure parking available for your bike.

The features of an e-bike fully at a glance:

  • makes technically difficult terrain rideable
  • suspension brings ride comfort
  • good traction delivers a safe driving experience
  • less efficient
  • more toy than locomotion
  • heavy
  • High purchase price

How does an e-bike fully ride?

When it comes to its riding characteristics, a fully with drive is very similar to a normal fully. The wide tires and the shocks make it capable of off-road riding. Over roots, branches or loose ground you roll safely and well controlled, jumps and drops are no problem ... almost. The high weight of an e-filly of course has an effect on the handling of the bike and also the jumping pleasure decreases rapidly with increasing weight. 23 to 27 kilograms just don't lift off the ground like that. On the other hand, e-bike fullys have a low center of gravity in the middle of the bike due to the mid-motor and battery in the down tube, which promises good and stable road holding. How exactly the bike behaves depends of course on the design, an e-enduro rides differently than a downhill e-bike, which again accelerates differently than a race-fully and so on.

Shocks and thick tires make the ride feel soft to indirect on the other side.Shocks don't reach you, which makes a Fully especially comfortable. But also your pedaling dissolves partly in the oil bath or in the air pressure of the shocks, Fullys are therefore rather not mile eaters. 

You can ride your fully like any other e-bike on different support levels. Exactly what they're called depends on the manufacturer of the drive. There's a low level that doesn't help you much, a high level that smooths out all the climbs, and two to three levels in between. This way you can decide for yourself how much exercise you want to do. Switch off the motor and use it only for the nastiest climbs. Or let yourself be pushed over the trail with pleasure. You're the boss! 

Modern sensors let the bike react to the pilot's movements in a fraction of a second. So you don't have to worry about the bike being delayed in responding, throwing a wrench in your riding plans, or even getting you into dicey situations because it just keeps running. 

Operating an e-bike fully is child's play, as manufacturers have been tinkering with making it intuitive for years. But this isn't just about your convenience, safety also increases with ease of use. After all, you don't want to roll into the crevice because you've been racking your brains for the right assist level instead of paying attention to the road, right? 

Depending on your drivetrain and on-board computer you'll get a shift recommendation that helps you pedal energy-efficiently at all times. The MTB drives of the newer generations sometimes even come with an autopilot that makes changing the support level unnecessary. It's especially easy to ride with electronic shifting, which shifts at the push of a button, so you can use your muscle power elsewhere. The nice side effect: The cable tangle around the cockpit is reduced to a minimum.

Whether a particular model rides more agile and playful or more steady and stable depends on the frame geometry, you can also influence the handling with the choice of tires. 

The riding characteristics of an e-bike fullys at a glance:

  • Smooth, comfortable ride
  • dosable assistance 
  • Low, centered center of gravity, therefore a secure road holding
  • Sensitive sensors adjust the Fully to your riding style
  • simple, intuitive controls
  • agile or smooth
  • actual ride characteristics depend heavily on individual bike

 What are the advantages of a fully e-mountain bike? 

When you ride any other bike, at some point you hit a limit. Ground that's too loose, a climb that's too steep, or too many rocks on the trail. If you're on a Fully you can just casually roll on, there are few places where a Fully can't go. If you have a motor on board, your physical condition is no longer an excuse; the motor takes over when you don't want to anymore. A mountain bike with a motor will keep going even when your fitness level reaches its limits.

A mountain bike with a motor will keep going even when your fitness level reaches its limits.

By the way, a mountain bike doesn't just ride reliably and safely on any terrain. It can also handle any weather and any season. A bike that can conquer a scree field also has good grip on a rainy road or in the snow. Here, though, you'll want to check out our Ass-Savers so you don't look like "The Thing from the Swamp" on the way home!

An e-bike full is built to go off-road. Shocks, mud and dust are factored into the build.Even a crash doesn't necessarily mean material damage. Mountain bikes always are processed in the best way. Lieber weighs the bike a few hundred grams more, but the frame is not only torsionally rigid, but also shatterproof, the engine is stowed in a robust housing and all parts around the chain abrasion resistant. 

Like all mountain bikes, fullys are built to handle off-road vibrations well.

The advantages into e-bike fullys at a glance:

  • durable processing
  • abrasive drive
  • versatile ride
  • reliable in rain and cold
  • Sporty or easy to ride, depending on assistance level

How much does an e-bike Fully cost?

E-bikes aren't cheap, fullys are among the more expensive mountain bikes. So is the combo affordable at all? We'll tell you:

The entry-level class of e-bike fullys starts just under 3000 euros and goes up to about 3800 euros. These bikes can handle light terrain, even a rather flat bike park should be in there. 

E-Fullys for 3800 to 5000 euros are the middle class.The mountain bikes work more smoothly, the life and the operability become much more comfortable. The e-bikes are better made, the quality of the components increases, so you can also take more versatile terrain under the wheels. 

Top e-fullys you get from 5000 euros, numerous models even have a five-digit price tag. The ranges increase thanks to large batteries, plus innovative mountain bike drives are at work here. You get only the best shift groups, which have well-known sizes such as SRAM or Shimano in the program. They are often wireless and electronically controlled, their wide range does not only make the bikes infinitely rideable, but the comfort of use is also excellent, they shift smoothly and without jerks. You can also count on sensitive shocks with ample travel and high-end tires. 

The cost of an e-bike mountain bike at a glance:

  • The entry-level class of e-bike fullys starts just under 3000 euros and goes up to about 3800 euros.
  • E-Fullys for 3800 to 5000 euros are the middle class.
  • Top E-Fullys you get from 5000 euros, numerous models have a five-digit price tag.

What do you need to look out for when buying an e-bike fully?

More and more e-fullys are hitting the market, so your choices increase practically every day. A few questions will help you narrow down the model that's right for you.

  • Which is the best motor?

The engine has to fit! A potent chassis is of little use to you if the engine can't keep up in performance. Therefore, make sure that you buy an e-bike with a specific mountain bike drive. This way, you will always have the necessary power reserves on board!

You can either go for a drive from one of the three well-known manufacturers Yamaha, Shimano or Bosch, or give preference to a proprietary motor from a well-known bike manufacturer.

  • Which is the best battery for an e-bike Fully?

The battery has to fit too! Many e-bike Fullys are available with different battery versions. Here you can decide: How much battery must really be? Do you ride permanently with driving assistance? Or do you ride up long and steep climbs? Then a large battery is indispensable. If you only want to be assisted from time to time for short distances, a light battery might be enough, it won't cover as much distance, but it will save weight and money!

  • How much suspension travel do you need? 

More travel makes the bike more versatile, but also spongier to ride and less efficient. Therefore, it's a matter of weighing up! Are you riding wild terrain? Then your shocks need more travel. Want to get ahead? Then less travel will do.

  • Purely a matter of adjustment

A fully is only as good as its setting. Modern shocks allow you to adjust the bike exactly to your weight, riding style or touring. Before you go on a big ride, treat yourself to a few shorter laps to test the bike's setting and adjust it if necessary.

  • Bike tuning de luxe

Especially on mountain bikes, people like to optimize, improve, adjust. Of course you can help your bike with better tires, a new handlebar or a different saddle on the jumps. However, you should keep your hands off the drivetrain, where modifications or tuning are at worst dangerous and forbidden; in addition, they will void the warranty.

  • Drive responsibly!

It's the effortless ride of an e-MTB that's attracting more and more bikers to terrain where previously only fox and hare met. If you like to enjoy nature, you should also respect it! Even if your bike can go cross-country, that doesn't mean it's a good idea to do so. 

Buy an e-bike fully from the best manufacturer!

There are other types of bikes where you are welcome to go for cheap manufacturers. With a city bike, for example, it's annoying when it breaks down, but it's rarely really dangerous, just the brakes should work fine on any bike. With a Fully it looks completely different. When riding off-road, not only the riding fun depends on the quality of the bike, but also your safety is at stake in the worst case! That's why you shouldn't save money at the wrong end and go on an adventure with an inferior bike. Here in the BMO online shop, you will only findmountain bikes from proven manufacturers. The workmanship of the frame, the drivetrains and especially the braking systems deliver excellent performance you can rely on from manufacturers like Orbea, Trek, Cannondale, Haibike, Giant or Liv. 

You can also order bike apparel, MTB helmets, bike goggles and all sorts of protectors here, so you'll be well equipped. 

If you are still not sure which bike is the right one for you, you can easily compare what a bike can do and for whom it is suitable with our buying guides. In the Bike Mailorder online shop you will not only find all types of bikes, i.e. Gravel Bikes, Urban Bikes and City Bikes, Touring Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Road Bikes and normal E-bikes, there are also detailed buying guides to help you choose. Have fun browsing!