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Bad weather, bad roads, bad hair day – no matter the reason, staying put is what you and your bike want. Tacx can help you. Let us tell you why your Tacx Trainer shares some history with your Garmin timepiece and which Tacx trainer is perfect for your indoor workload.

Things to know about Tacx

Isn’t your Garmin supposed to track your outdoor activities? Well, yes. But it also can help you stay at home and stay fit at the same time. It doesn’t always take a pandemic to turn people into homebodys, there are many reasons for indoor biking. With the help of an innovative smart trainer, biking indoors is just as much fun as biking out there in nature. Maybe even more so on a Tacx trainer, as it relocates your sessions to the most beautiful sites this planet has to offer.

Navigation for bikes, ships and cars

Tacx is part of the US-based Garmin Group. Garmin began making portable GPS-trackers in the 1980s that helped lost travellers find their way home ever since. The company has 16 000 employees working at sites in 82 countries around the globe. When it comes to going in the right direction, their navigational systems are amongst the best available, whether you’re on land, out at sea or airbourne. Providing precise navigation in the great outdoors whilst keeping track of valuable training data such as heart rates and step counts are a helpful addition to pros and recreational athletes and explain the success of Garmin’s fitness smart watches. 

What Tacx has to do with Garmin

And this is where Garmin’s and Tacx’s success stories come together. When Garmin took over Tacx in 2019, the dutch company already had many year’s experience in making home trainers. When you’re on your home trainer, your position isn’t very difficult to track down, you are at home in your living room, out on your deck or in your basement. But Gramin’s expertise is also measuring how many (virtual) miles you made right there on the spot, and the effect this has on your body. Add Tacx’s ability to deliver a natural and comfortable biking experience, and what you get are perfect training conditions. The collaboration between the two will help you keep track of your efforts via different apps.

Tacx builds a number of bike trainers, ranging from simple and cheap rollers to top-notch smart trainers.

Tacx bike trainers for successful indoor training

If you want to stay indoors for a good part of your training, Tacx NEO 2TSmart-Trainer makes sure that your training stays interesting and varied. The smart trainer not only runs quietly (your neighbors certainly will appreciate that!), it also measures and connects all necessary data you need to evaluate your workout and improve your performance. On top of that, riding NEO feels absolutely natural, because it picks up your movements, slope and speed, and compensates either. It can also simulate several surfaces such as gravel, tarmac or cobblestones and up to 25% slope. To keep your riding experience fresh, you have a choice of over 100 videos from the Tacx training library that let you ride the most beautiful bike routes this planet has to offer. On top of that, NEO 2T, being a true smart trainer, connects to many apps that help you monitor your training.

Apart from that, NEO is compact and will not try and dominate your living space, unless you want to show it off. 

If you train at home only every now and then, a less pricey and less high-tech trainer might do the trick for you. Tacx FLOW Smart-Trainer is a more basic version that can connect to your favorite training apps, while bike trainer FLUX S Smart can also hook up to the training video library. 

Wheel-on or direct drive-trainers?

Generally, Tacx builds two kinds of trainers, “wheel-on trainers” and “direct-drive trainers”. Trainers like NEO are direct drive-trainers, they replace your rear wheel in order to provide perfect training conditions and precise data, no matter what bike you’ll strap into it. Various adapters allow for different bikes, drop outs or cassettes to be connected. Trainers like Flow, that use your bike including the rear tyre are less precise, on the other hand you don’t have to take your bike apart. Tacx also offers a lot of accessoires for indoor training and bike trainers. 

The most simple and also the cheapest way of biking indoors is putting your bike on low-tech rollers like Tacx Galaxia or Antares. Neither of them needs electricity, no connecting whatsoever is required. Just pop your bike on the rollers and off you go. If you don’t have a bike, we can provide you with two options: do your training on a NEO Bike Smart Training Bike, or (the much better idea by far) – treat yourself to a bike!

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