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The chainring - chain control and smooth gear changes

With a chainring from our shop, you can be sure of ideal chain control. We offer a wide range of chainrings with different bolt circles and gradations for every bike and every area of use. The high-quality chainrings are made of aluminum and are completely CNC machined. Different manufacturers offer anodized versions for many bolt circles, so the chainring in many different colors from a simple wear part to a real tuning eye-catcher. With the exception of the 1-speed chainrings, the chainrings of a bicycle have a climbing aid, which enables a fast and smooth gear change. Steel climbing aids guarantee a long life and precise climbing of the chain even after many hard uses. With us you can find chainrings from well-known manufacturers like e.thirteen, Sram, Shimano, Hope or Race Face in premium quality!

What to look for when buying chainrings

How to mount the chainring?

What should you look for when buying a new chainring? First of all, you need to make sure which mount you need, and you should pay attention to how many arms your crank has. At each end of the crank spider the chainring is connected with a bolt. For this reason, there are 3-arms, 4-arms and 5-Arm Kettenblätter. An exception to this are the Direct-Mount chainrings. These are fixed to the axle with splines. Equally important is the bolt circle. There are differences between some cranks in the size of the bolt circle.

Tooth by tooth

Finally, you should consider whether you want a chainring with conventionally shaped teeth or a so-called Narrow Wide. Depending on the shape, the chain is better guided so that you can usually do without a chain guide.

You should also decide on the number of teeth. Most chainrings are available with 26 to 38 teeth. The number of chainring teeth determines the size of the blade and thus also the gear ratio with which you pedal. As a rule of thumb you can remember the larger the blade, the heavier the gear.

1-speed chainrings for enduro and downhill

Singlespeed or 1-speed chainrings can only be used as a sole chainring. Installed are 1-speed chainrings not only on dirt bikes, but also on downhiller, enduro bikes, fixies & singlespeed and BMX bike (bikes with gear hub are also equipped with 1-speed chainrings). A chain guide ensures on downhillers and freeride bikes that the chain does not fall off the blade despite the roughest terrain and most radical action. In the enduro sector, the simple chainrings, since the 1×11 circuit, are also widely represented. Here they offer the advantage that you do not lose the chain on rough passages. Such a chainring has no climbing aid and is equipped with more chainring teeth.

Chainring for singlespeed and fixie

The singlespeed chainrings in our shop are made of aluminum and have no climbing aids. They are designed for single-speed operation only, i.e. fixed or with a free-wheel sprocket. With a colored chainring you can additionally pimp your bike visually. With extensive accessories such as chainring bolts, spacers and chain tensioners in a wide range of styles and colors, you can tune your bike perfectly for you.

The most important questions in a nutshell:

  • Which mounting standard does the chainring need?
  • How many teeth should the chainring have?
  • Which gear system does the chainring need? Singlespeed or multispeed?
  • Does the chainring need a climbing aid or is a 1-speed chainring sufficient?

In our shop you will find a wide selection of different chainrings. Different colors, sizes and designs give you guaranteed the right chainring for your bike.