Accessories for Bike Computers

You’ve got a bike computer or a bike GPS and now you want to buy accessories or spare parts. You can find anything you need to attach your electronic devices to your bike or make them work better right here.

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Buy accessories and spare parts for bike navigator

If you have chosen a bike computer, you have already made an important step, you can make your training more varied and efficient in the future with the help of the many information. If you have bought a bike GPS, you can always test new tours and discover the most beautiful bike routes. But first you need to mount it on your bike.

Mounts for bike computers, bike navis and cell phones

It doesn't matter if you want to take your bike navigator or a cell phone with you, it must be firmly mounted on the handlebars. It must not wobble or even fly away. For this you can find here in the online store many different clamps that create a secure connection between the handlebar or stem and the device. When buying, make sure that the mount matches the circumference of your handlebar or stem, so you can assume that it will fit your bike. If you take turns riding different bikes, you can buy additional mounts here so you don't have to unscrew and re-screw the mount. Your bike GPS can easily move.

For the devices of some manufacturers, there are special mounts that fit the counterpart on the device. With Garmin this is often the case. Matching other holders you can buy cell phone cases to various iPhones or Samsung phones, they have the necessary screw connection already incorporated on the back.

A rotatable holder for cell phone or bike computer is particularly practical if you want to switch between portrait and landscape format.

Mounts for the GoPro

Of course you want to share your spectacular rides with the whole world, so you always have the GoPro or another helmet camera at the start when you get in the saddle. Many bike helmets, especially mountain bike helmets, already have a mount for the helmet camera. You can also find the matching connectors here in the store.

Small, but important: Sensors and adapters for bike computers

Many bike computers need a sensor on the fork and spoke to be able to read the wheel revolutions. You can also find and order these sensors in our accessories. For difficult cases, where nothing seems to fit together properly, we have adapters on offer. With a universal mount, it is usually possible to attach the bike and bike navigator to each other.

Look around at your leisure, here you will find not only bike computers, speedometers and bike navis, we also have cell phone mounts and the corresponding cell phone cases for you. Of course, we will also be happy to supply you with the right bike for the mount, have fun browsing!