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In 1971 Michael Zane invented a u-shaped bicycle lock, the latest editions of u-locks still look very much the same as the first Kryptonite u-lock did. Back then, the founding father set out with just $1,500 and a VW van to travel across the U.S. and convince people that their bikes needed to be adequately secured.

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Today, Kryptonite is one of the most popular brands for theft protection. Especially with bicycle couriers, the small, practical U-locks are very much in demand. The bike locks can be hung on the messenger bag or attached to the backpack or belt to save space.

In addition to the classic U-locks made of hardened steel, Kryptonite also offers many other bicycle locks. The folding locks, chain locks or spiral locks make it difficult for most thieves to get to your beloved bike. 

Some of the bike locks from Kryptonite you can also combine useful. So you can, for example, the Keeper Standard lock with the KryptoFlex expand to secure more attachments of your bike. Another clever development of Kryptonite are the Wheelnutz cap nuts. These prevent your wheels can be stolen. The system can only be opened when the entire bike is upside down. In combination with a rigid U-lock, your bike is thus safe from any long finder.

In our brand store of Kryptonite you will find a lot of bike locks with which the theft protection of your bike can be increased many times over. We have folding, chain, U-locks and cable locks ready for you here. You can also find a lock holder to transport your Kryptonite bike lock directly on the bike frame.

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