Leg Warmers

Warm legs are essential for successful bike training! Cold muscles just don’t perform well, also they will tear more easily. With leg warmers, you can help your muscles get going during warm-up, ensure efficient pedaling on your bike training and prevent injuries when they cool down!

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Leg warmers - the perfect cold stoppers

In spring, summer and autumn the sun attracts many cyclists to the plan and often short bike clothing is the first choice when the sun laughs when looking outside. But one swallow does not make a summer, the view through the window can be quite deceptive!

Except for a flat tire, perhaps, nothing is more annoying than realizing you've chosen the wrong sportswear once you're on the road! All you can really do then is turn back! Unless you were smart and can now pull a pair of leg warmers out of the bag and put them over your goosebumps! The big and heavy bike clothes can safely stay at home in this case, should the temperatures drop, just dig out your leg warmers and arm warmers.

Sleeves and leg warmers - cold weather protection "on the go"

Leg warmers and arm warmers are the perfect cold protection and impress with their very versatile use. The use of breathable and soft materials ensures a very high wearing comfort, even under the bicycle pants. Silicone strips or stop rubbers applied to the inside of the leg warmers and arm warmers effectively prevent them from slipping. Leg warmers are available in different thicknesses, so you can choose the warming effect according to your needs. Like all sportswear, they are usually breathable, come in many sizes and are available for men and women.

If you don't want to wear long johns during winter training, leg warmers are a great alternative as warming undergarments!
For knee pain or prevention, knee warmers are basically the same as leg warmers, but only cover the knee. Knee warmers specifically protect the knee from wind and thus from cooling down. Due to the minimal space requirement and the low weight, arm warmers and leg warmers should not be missing on any longer bike tour. They are easy to stow away in your jersey pocket and usually weigh only a few grams. Leg warmers and arm warmers come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, and of course there are also differences in the materials used.

We have a lot of models available in our online shop and can thus cater specifically to your needs.