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Sometimes it takes a tragedy to set off a great success, and Evoc's bags and backpacks wouldn’t be among the best on the market if there hadn’t been a terrible accident first. In 1999, founder Holger Feist barely made it out alive... During a snowboard video shoot, the freeride pro got caught in an avalanche. Fortunately, he was not buried by snow then and there, but he still suffered serious injuries. What was supposed to be a helper in need almost cost him his life - the avalanche shovel in his backpack caused a nasty back injury. And this horrible event made it all happen…

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After his snowboarding accident, Holger Feist wanted to protect himself and others from fatal injuries – but how? Not every boarder is happy to wear body armor, so simply designing protectors would not have worked. But many carry backpacks … why not integrate some protection there? 

With this, the basic idea for Evoc was born and the first prototypes of snowboarding backpacks with spine protection were sewn.

However, Holger Feist was by no means only a “boarder” - after all, you’ve got to keep busy during the summer as well. It was when touring through Tibet to the base camp of Mount Everest on his mountain bike that he had the idea that a protective backpack would be really useful not only for boarders, but also for bikers. The fit of the snowboarding backpacks just did not work for the riding position on a bike. Especially with an integrated protector pad things quickly get uncomfortable. After three years of experiments and test rides, the first prototype of a backpack specifically for mountain bikers was finally ready for mass production. 

"It doesn't work that way!" - Part three

When setting out on a biking trip to Bolivia, Feist’s luggage was now safely stowed in backpacks, but his MTB arrived in pieces. At the airport in La Paz, he had to pick up his bike bit by bit, because the box had not survived the long flight and arrived in shreds. As a third project after the protector backpacks for snowboarders and mountain bikers, a bicycle bag was developed that would live up to the wear and tear of long distance traveling on trains or planes. Evoc’s bike transport bag effectively protects your bike from damage and the loss of vital parts while traveling. 

Evoc bike backpacks and bike bags

Evoc was finally officially founded in 2008, today the company is based in Munich and known as one of the most innovative manufacturers of bike backpacks and bike bags. The clever design, great wearing comfort and good protection make Evoc products very popular with mountain bikers. These days, jackets, shirts and body armor are also part of the product catalog, as well as all kinds of other bags, but the protector backpacks are of course what Evoc is famous for. For athletes, there are also water bottles, hydration backpacks and the matching water bladders.

MTB protector backpacks

Evoc supplies many backpacks in different sizes, and cut to fit women, men or children. For bikers who like to go on great adventures, Explorer Pro is always a good choice. It is available in different versions and colors, has either 26 l or 30 l capacity and a perfect fit that makes it comfortable to wear. For shorter mountain bike tours, we recommend Stage, this compact backpack is also available in different sizes and the shoulder straps leave you enough room to move freely. Thanks to Evoc's proprietary Air Flow Contact system, the air can circulate perfectly between your back and the rucksack. Look out for the abbreviation FR on Evoc’s many backpacks, they stand for safety backpacks. The integrated back protector Liteshield Back Protector offers 95% shock absorption and still has a low weight and high wearing comfort. Next to the bike travel cases and wheel bags, Mountain bikers and gravel bikers will find handlebar bags and saddlebags, too.

Evoc Bags and Travel

Evoc makes equipment not only for bikers, there are also camera backpacks, travel cases, traveling backpacks, daypacks or fanny packs that accompany you on your travels or through everyday life. In addition to the bags and backpacks, Evoc also developed protector clothing, various jerseys and other functional clothing.

In our Evoc brand store you will find a wide selection of high quality biking accessoires, bike backpacks, travel bags and protector clothing.

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