Road bike helmets

Just like anything road bike, a road bike helmet should be lightweight first and foremost. Should you get off your bike helmet first, it must protect your head. If it also looks really good, fits comfortably and does allow you freedom of movement, you have found the perfect head protection. We carry many different helmets for road cyclists, you will certainly find yours among them!

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Lightweight, lighter, road bike helmet

Of course, the lightest bike helmet ever falls into the road bike helmet category. As always on the road bike is saved on all corners and ends. Not on price, not on function, but on weight. A good road bike helmet won't weigh more than a few hundred grams. Premium manufacturers like Giro, Bell or Endura only use the best materials available; after all, they have to somehow manage the balancing act between low weight and optimum protection. So they tinker with the most advanced processes, polycarbonate shells and EPS foams until they've created an ultra-light helmet that feels good on your head and provides you with optimal protection in the event of an accident.

Only when a road bike helmet has proven its stability in numerous tests, and its erodynamics have also been tested in the wind tunnel, does it go into production.

Perfect comfort

The helmet is designed to protect your head on the road bike. But for you to wear it, it also has to feel really good. That's why our producers work every day to improve the comfort of their products

1. Ventilation 

Whether you're doing training laps or racing, sweat always flows on a road bike. To prevent your head from overheating, helmets for road cyclists are usually optimally ventilated. Thanks to the numerous vents, some helmets look more like enclosed air, but you won't be able to tell that they are tough enough. Specifications such as "22 ventilation openings" are not uncommon for a road bike helmet! Inside the helmet, the air is then directed through ventilation channels along the head to the back of the head, where it can escape again. This way, your head is always kept nice and cool. Depending on the model, these openings are equipped with fly screens or they can be closed and opened at will.  

2. Antibacterial, washable pads

Nobody likes to wear a smelly helmet. That's why the inner pads have an antibacterial outer layer, they absorb sweat so they always feel nice and dry. In addition, they are often washable and quick-drying, which always ensures pleasant freshness in the helmet.

3. Fitting systems

Like most bike helmets, helmets for road cyclists can be adjusted to fit your head shape and size with a drawstring system. If your helmet holds up without the chin strap when you let your head hang forward, it's adjusted properly. The chin straps should form a triangle around your ears, with one to two fingers of space allowed under your chin when the tethers are closed. 

Do I need a special road bike helmet?

On a road bike, you sit bent far forward. A helmet that wasn't built for road cyclists usually sits too far in your face. The result: you can't see a thing! So while other helmets work for different cycling disciplines, it pays to invest in a good road bike helmet if you ride road bikes. 

Race bike helmets for men and women

Many manufacturers now make their bike helmets not specifically for women or men, there are narrow helmets, wide helmets, large helmets and small examples. The fit is far more important than the gender of the wearer or the wearer! At most, typical colors for women and men make a difference here. In general, a bicycle helmet in a bright, luminous colour is recommended, because it makes you easily seen. Many helmets therefore also have reflective stickers. They make your winter training laps or bad weather rides especially safe.  Road bike helmets for kids are few and far between, because very few kids are on a road bike. But we have plenty of children's helmets in our shop, you're sure to find a helmet there that will make your offspring happy!

What size helmet do I need?

It's not that hard to determine the right size for your road bike helmet! You just have to measure your head circumference, with the result you can then start looking for your favorite helmet at BMO. You can filter by head circumference here in the online shop, so you'll quickly end up with a suitable helmet. Sizes like S, M, L or XL should be treated with caution, because these sizes are not assigned uniformly! If your ordered helmet doesn't fit, you can send it back to us within 100 days!

MIPS protects your brain

Most high-quality helmets today have a MIPS layer. This is where there is a layer between the outer plastic shell and the foam layer inside that allows the two shells to slide along each other. In this way, in the event of a fall, the forces acting on the helmet are distributed over as large an area as possible and punctual injuries or concussions are avoided. Especially for road cyclists, who after all like to ride at high speeds, a safe helmet is extremely important, which is why MIPS is particularly common here!

When do I need a new helmet?

After a few years, even the best materials get tired. When the helmet's colors fade or the pads and straps fray, it's time for a new one! Also, if your helmet falls off or survives an accident, you should replace it. Even if it has no visible damage, it may no longer protect you adequately!

Science fiction or road bike?

Most of our road bike helmets are suitable for all drop bar disciplines such as road cycling, triathlon, gravel or cyclocross. But on BMO you'll also find super-fast aero helmets that create as little wind resistance as possible during time trials. They look a little ... ...shall we say... Spaced out. But they save that tenth of a second you need to win the race!