City e-bikes

Are you looking for an e-bike that is comfortable to ride, comes with practical features and cuts a fine figure on the cycle paths of your home town? Then you've come to the right place with our city e-bikes. Here you can find out what a city e-bike has and can do, and our buying tips will help you to find the right bike.

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Buy yourself more fun in everyday life - a city e-bike!

Are you one of those people who keep asking yourself whether it wouldn't be smarter to switch from car to bike? If you're more interested in sustainable transportation and a healthy everyday life than waiting in rush hour traffic and unnecessary extra laps in the fight for the last parking space, the idea isn't bad at all. For all journeys to work, to kindergarten, to the shops, to the cinema or to the countryside, there is a specialist that makes short journeys pure pleasure: the city bike. It is comfortable to ride and practically equipped. If it has an e-drive, you can decide every day anew whether you want to do a bit of sport in the fresh air (at a low support level) or ride casually (at a high support level) and climb every incline with ease.

Many bikes look smart, but when you get on you realise that the riding position is totally uncomfortable, when it rains the water splashes around your ears and if you want to fit even the smallest bit of bag you look silly - no luggage rack far and wide! None of this can happen to you on a real city bike. A city bike is not only comfortable for (almost) everyone to ride, it is also equipped with everything you would like to have on a bike! You can use it in everyday life and in your free time for transport purposes, for trips or smaller fitness rounds. Thanks to motor assistance, city e-citikes additionally ride effortlessly and are now a real alternative to the car!

A city bike is the classic hans-steam-in-every-street, it is adapted to the ways of the city and lets you comfortably ride smaller tours. But what exactly distinguishes these practical all-rounders? Here comes all the information about the city pedelec with electric drive!

This is a city e-bike - interesting facts about the city e-bike

"I want to buy a normal bike!" - this then usually means a city bike. The same applies to a "completely normal e-bike". It's a totally normal, unexciting bike. 

What is a city e-bike, what is an urban e-bike?

The difference is subtle, but definitely there! While a city bike scores mainly with comfort and its practical features, an urban bike is rather fancy. So it is with city e-bikes and urban e-bikes. A city bike is often brightly painted, has lights, racks, mudguards and all the bells and whistles, an urban bike is rather reduced in appearance and also in terms of equipment applies: less is more! What is not absolutely necessary, is not added, even if the roadworthiness suffers from it. 

Whether with all the equipment that an electric bike now urgently needs, the bottom line really Urban Bikes come out, is a legitimate question! But as the battery, display and the like become smaller and more inconspicuous, there are an increasing number of e-bikes on the market that really deserve the name urban e-bike!

And speaking of names: Here we use the terms E-bike and pedelc interchangeably. Strictly speaking, an S-pedelec would be a faster e-bike, but for this buying guide, the difference doesn't matter.

A city e-bike is, above all, comfortable!

City bikes aren't designed for top speeds, they're meant to be fun, and they're allowed to be a little more comfortable! The frame offers a very upright riding position, which is easy on your back and puts less weight on your hands and arms. In addition, you have a very good view in all directions, especially in heavy city traffic, which is important for your safety! 

Citybikes are usually well suspended, this is no different with city e-bikes. So hardly any vibrations reach you, even when you ride over cobblestones. 

Most city e-bikes have ergonomically shaped handlebars and grips so that you can pedal comfortably and your arms won't tire.

Especially when it comes to the bicycle saddle, attention is paid to ergonomics and good suspension and padding, the reason for this is very obvious. If you are on a different bike, a trekking bike, or a mountain bike for example, you often wear special padded cycling shorts while doing so. If you ride a city e-bike to work, you don't wear special cycling clothing! Therefore, the saddle needs to have enough padding to make sure you sit well and softly.

City e-bikes for men and women

You can buy a great many e-city bikes in wave-from, i.e. as low-entry bikes or in the classic form of a "women's bike". Here the mounting and dismounting is particularly easy, especially somewhat insecure cyclists and cyclists benefit from it. However, there are also many e-bikes with diamond frames, i.e. "men's bikes". Many models are available in both versions and also in trapezoidal form, i.e. with a medium-low entry. In the past, bicycles with a closed frame triangle, i.e. men's bicycles, were considered particularly sporty because they were more stable than women's bicycles with a low step-through. Thanks to improved techniques in manufacturing and better frame materials, this is no longer true; today all frame shapes are similarly low-torsion and durable. 

The division intowomen's bike and men's bike is therefore outdated today, men and women can simply ride the e-bike they like and feel good on. There is one exception: if you want to add a child seat on the rack, a low-entry e-bike is particularly good to go.

The frame geometry, however, is similar across all frame styles - first and foremost, comfortable. 

If you prefer something a little sportier, a trekking e-bike or touring e-bike is an excellent alternative to a city pedelec.

The comfort features of a city e-bike

A city bike is equipped for (almost) any road surface, any weather and all eventualities. It just brings a little more weight with it. But for that you have an e-drive that helps you to get ahead!

Which gear system does a city e-bike need?

On a city e-bike you can expect chain gears with up to 12 gears, but there are also models that have a cheap, maintenance-free and easy-to-use hub gears. If you live in a city that doesn't have too many hills and don't make big trips in the surrounding countryside, a hub gear like this is a good choice. If you like to ride briskly and off-road, you should buy a bike with derailleur gears. On some city e-bikes there are also stepless and electronic gearshifts.

Which brake is best for an e-city bike?

Rim brakes are a rarity on e-bikes; most electric bikes use disc brakes for deceleration. Mechanical disc brakes are the cheaper option, hydraulic disc brakes cost a little more, but their braking performance is second to none. But there are also e-bikes with coaster brakes, especially among the city e-bikes you can find some. If you are used to cycling with a coaster brake, you don't have to change to a new system.

> Check out our Bicycle Brakes for more information on this.

The motorization of an e-city bike

In the city, you need to get around well, keep up with traffic, and you want to be on the road without breaking much of a sweat. That's exactly what the motorization of a city bike is designed for. The rather small engines support you continuously and without selective acceleration. This way you can ride through the city in a relaxed and speedy manner, but you always have good control over your bike.

Since the distances are usually not too far, the batteries are also kept rather small, so they save weight. This pays off especially when you need to lift your bike to get up a sidewalk or to lift it into a bike rack. Many eCitybikes today have a fully integrated battery, but you can still find external batteries and rack batteries.

The smaller e-bike motors and batteries have another advantage: compared to the big machines that power sports bikes, they can be had cheaply!

When buying a city e-bike, you may still come across models that have a luggage rack battery or a rear engine or front wheel drive. If you rarely want to get on your bike and only for short distances, you can buy one of these cheaper city e-bikes without worrying. These drives are now considered outdated, but for the most part they work reliably. Their biggest drawback compared to a mid-motor and battery in or on the frame is the bike's center of gravity, which is high and shifted back or forward, and sometimes takes some getting used to.

> Check out our E-bikes for lots of additional information on batteries and motors.

What tyres does a city e-bike need?

eCityBikes come with a wide variety of tire sizes, you can buy them starting at 26 inches, but they also come in 28 inches or as 29ers. The tires of a city bike are rather narrow, but not too narrow. That way, they strike the right balance between efficiency and good rolling characteristics on the one hand and safe road grip on the other.

There are coats with a wide variety of treads, you can also fit all-weather tyres and winter tyres 

> At our Bicycle Tires you can find a lot of information about the right tires for your e-bike.

Totally practical! The equipment of a city e-bike

We've given you the prospect of comfortable all-round equipment further up on the city e-bike. Here's what it looks like:

  • Most city e-bikes have a luggage rack, here you can mount your bicycle basket, attach panniers or simply clamp your luggage
  • Mudguards keep you clean and dry when it rains
  • With a side stand you can easily park an e-bike anywhere
  • the StVZO requires bells and reflectors, a city e-bike usually comes with them from the factory
  • also the bike lights are mandatory. Especially on the city e-bike there is often a luxury lighting with dusk sensor, parking light and low beam.

This is what makes a city e-bike roadworthy

As stated earlier, in order for a bike to be allowed to move on the road, it must meet a few requirements. It must have two independently functioning brakes, a bell, and a white light with reflector in the front and a red light with reflector in the rear. There must be orange reflectors on the pedals, and a roadworthy bike also needs reflectors on the sides of the wheels. Many of the city e-bikes that you can buy here in our online shop already have this equipment installed by the manufacturer. If they are missing, you can buy all parts at our Bicycle Accessories.

Cargo e-bikes are jumbo city bikes!

If you like to carry a bit more, and want your city bike to be a true car replacement, you should think about getting a cargo bike! These transport bikes are a real alternative to all the parent taxis and can even get larger family weekly shopping home with ease! Whether you choose a long model with two wheels or a compact, three-wheeled Cargobike, you'll get a large cargo area or a transport box with plenty of storage space or a bench seat. Cargo e-bikes also include bikes with a long, reinforced luggage rack, which can accommodate two children or a child seat and a transport box.

In summary, a city bike is an all-round practical and particularly comfortable bike. Thanks to the electric drive, an e-city bike is also absolutely effortless to ride.

Is a city e-bike the right bike for you?

You want to give up your car more and more in order to protect the environment and get some exercise in the fresh air? You want to zoom past rush hour traffic jams with a smile on your face? Don't want to spend a lot of time looking for a parking spot? Then an e-city bike is perfect for you! 

Are you looking for a bike that is practical and comfortable? You want to sit comfortably, have some storage space for work gear or rain gear, and know that your bike has everything you need on board? Whether you're riding during the day or night, in the sunshine or rain, to work, the theatre or the playground, or running into a traffic stop? Then a city bike with its full equipment is your all-round carefree package! 

  • Unparalleled riding comfort

A city bike treats you to plenty of riding comfort. A soft saddle and ergonomic handlebars are just the start of it, city bikes are designed for comfort from front to back. Many of the bikes have a low step-through, so you can get on and off easily and don't have to swing your leg over the saddle. On most city bikes, the riding position is very upright, not sporty-low.

You can also expect your city bike to have some suspension, so it will roll on cobblestones or worse roads without much jarring.

  • Practical and suitable for everyday use

A city e-bike spoils you with excellent equipment. It usually has attachments like mudguards or a side stand when you buy it. You can fit your bag on the rear rack, and fitting a bicycle basket or bicycle bags is usually no problem either. You'll get tires included that roll safely on many surfaces and in a wide variety of weather conditions. You also don't have to worry about traffic controls, many city bikes are already equipped by the manufacturer to comply with StVZO.

If you actually like to do your daily commute in the city by bike, but don't necessarily want to break a sweat every time you do so, a city bike with "E" is a great choice!

The features of an e-city bike at a glance:

  • comfortable equipment
  • mostly roadworthy equipped according to StVZO
  • comfortable to ride, ergonomic seating position and equipment
  • not overpowered, therefore cheap to buy
  • weatherproof
  • usable all year round
  • perfect for everyday use and smaller bike tours
  • rideable on changing surfaces

How does a city e-bike ride?

You've read it before - a city bike is all about ride comfort. So a city bike is extremely comfortable to ride. An e-city bike also rides easily and effortlessly, depending on what level of assistance you allow yourself. 

Due to its design, a city bike generally rides very balanced. Since most e-bikes today have the battery mounted on the frame and the motor centered on the bottom bracket, they have a low, centered center of gravity. They are easy to steer, deliver a safe ride feel and ride like a non-motorized bike - just much more effortless!

The good suspension ensures that your arms and especially the intervertebral discs do not get too much of rough ground. A city pedelec with a suspension fork rides particularly smoothly and quietly.

You can influence the riding characteristics with a tire change, thicker tires need a little more power but provide additional damping. Thinner tires deliver a more direct feel. Tires with more tread make the bike more weather resistant, smooth tires are more efficient. 

The power of the engine also makes itself felt, of course, here you can choose: A powerful engine with lots of torque will drive more dynamically than a smaller engine. But no matter how big the drive, a city bike rides easy, effortless and like clockwork, the fun factor with e-bikes is quite simply huge! 

Whether you ride a city bike with E or without E also makes itself felt in the handling of the bike, because an e-bike brings more weight due to the drive. With an e-city bike you can expect about 20kg upwards.

The driving performance at a glance:

  • comfortable and sprung
  • Good directional stability, good control over the road
  • confident ride
  • comfortable to sporty

What are the benefits of a city e-bike?

The practical equipment and the high riding comfort are the top arguments with which a city bike convinces, regardless of whether it has a motor or not! If you are wavering between a city bike and a city e-bike, the e-bike can entice you with its effortless ride. Biking with electric assistance is just a huge amount of fun! You will certainly soon leave the car or bus and subway to the left and get on your e-bike with pleasure! 

By the way, an e-bike is not just for the unathletic. If you reduce the motor support or switch it off completely, you not only save battery power, you can also save yourself a trip to the gym! You'll see that when you ride your e-bike to work in the morning, you'll gradually build up your fitness, feel physically better and enjoy the good feeling of having done something for the environment!

Compared to other e-bikes, many city pedelecs are also cheap to buy, there are many entry-level bikes that can be had for cheap. If you invest a little more, your city e-bike will come with sturdy components that are good quality and will ensure that it lasts a long time.

The advantages of an e-city bike at a glance:

  • practical and convenient
  • Very versatile
  • good features
  • environmentally friendly mobility
  • continuous training
  • Lower priced than many other e-bikes, but also available in top-of-the-line variants
  • long-lasting

How much does a city e-bike cost?

If you want to buy a cheap entry-level city e-bike, you should budget around 1700 to 2500 euros. There are also e-city bikes that cost less, but here the quality often leaves much to be desired. Up to 2500 euros you get a bike that is suitable for the ways in a city, even small trips into the countryside makes it with pleasure. Here you will find small drives and batteries, if you don't have to climb steep slopes regularly, such a bike is a great means of transport. Even if you first want to try out whether a city e-bike is fun for you, you can shop in this price range. 

Between 2500 and 3000 euros you can buy a city e-bike of the middle class. Motor, gears, brakes - all components are significantly higher quality here. These bikes are reliable vehicles for the daily commute to work. They also ride day trips comfortably and safely, provided that the surface is not too uneven. If there are slight inclines in your city, you shouldn't buy a cheaper e-bike!

From 3000 euros begins the absolute city e-bike luxury class. Here you can count on excellent and durable components from premium manufacturers that work smoothly for a long time. And even if the saddle and handlebars can be replaced quite quickly, this will not be necessary with such a bike, because here you get ergonomic and high-quality attachments. The bikes in this price range are also most likely to have a slightly thicker motor, create a longer range and the drive is of course from one of the well-known top manufacturers. The faster S-pedelecs also rank in this price range.

The cost of a city e-bike at a glance:

What do you have to look for when buying an e-city bike?

City bikes are very popular and widely used because of their versatility. The traffic turnaround has created an additional big jolt here! More and more people want to get around without a car, so an e-bike is a great alternative! Here's how to find your perfect car replacement:

  • How often do you want to use your city e-bike?

If you rarely get on your e-bike, and don't necessarily rely on it, you can buy an inexpensive model with a clear conscience. The more often you ride it, and the more urgently you need it, the more worthwhile it is to spend a little more money, because quality, durability and riding comfort increase with the price.

  • How long do you plan to ride the e-bike?

This is a similar story. The longer your routes are, the more enjoyable it is to ride a bike that had a slightly higher purchase price.

  • Where do you want to ride, what are the surfaces like?

If on your way are regularly bad roads, cobblestones or even dirt roads, you should emphasize a good suspension, maybe even a suspension fork. Also the tires should not be too narrow. A trekking e-bike might be the better choice here! For the city and cycle paths, an e-city bike is perfect!

  • Which e-bike drive do you need?

If larger inclines are part of your commute, a city e-bike from the mid-range is a good choice, here the motorization is up to the task. Even for tall riders or heavy luggage, the drive should not be too lanky! A little more torque and large batteries are highly recommended in this case. However, the drive should then again not be too big, because it will then not only heavier and larger, but also more expensive.

  • Which circuit, which brakes should your e-city bike have?

Your roads are flat, smooth and you want to ride without thinking much? Then you can buy an e-bike that has hub gears or only a few gears. If the surfaces change or you have to go uphill, a derailleur with a few more gears is helpful.

E bikes generally have disc brakes, with cheaper bikes having mechanical brakes. As the price goes up, so does the quality - you're buying hydraulic brakes with higher-end e-bikes. If you also ride in wet conditions and live in a hilly area, hydraulic brakes are easier on your hands because you need less force to get enough stopping power. Even for a heavy rider and a lot of load, a hydraulic brake on an e-bike makes it easier! If you feel more confident with it, you can also buy an e-city bike with a coaster brake.

  • What is the right frame size?

City e-bikes come in many different sizes. For small riders and bikers there are e-city bikes from a wheel size of 26 inches. There are city bikes in 28 inches, and for tall riders you can find 29s. The specifications of the frame sizes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, some give out sizes like S, M, or L, others give the distance from the seat clamp to the bottom bracket in centimeters.

Buy a city e-bike from the best manufacturer!

There is a wide range of e-bikes on the market, so we can offer you a great range here in the bike online shop too! On BMO you can buy city e-bikes from premium brands like Orbea, Cannondale, Ghost, Giant, Creme Cycles, Diamond or Winora buy. But of course you won't only find e-bikes for the city with us, also E-Trekkingbikes and E-MTBs you can buy here! But that's not all, we also have E-bike helmets, bike clothing and all equipment like bike baskets, bike bags or child seats in the shop. 

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All information about the requirements of the StVZO are without guarantee!