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Right from the heart of Germany, the “Sauerland”, comes a world-famous manufacturer of bicycle accessories - SKS Germany. Should you ever be in need of air for your tires, be fed up with dirt splashing into your face or find yourself stuck with a loose screw, SKS offers the right solution.

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Hard to believe that everything started in 1921 with the production of curtain rods. It was not until Karl Seffer-Klute's son-in-law, Wilhelm Blome, took over the company that the first air pumps from SKS came onto the market. The big breakthrough came in 1952 when the company began manufacturing plastic air pumps. Since then, the company has gradually expanded its product portfolio and is now one of the top manufacturers of bicycle accessories. Despite the great success, SKS Germany, now in the fourth generation by Willo Blome is still a family business and offers products with the seal "Made in Germany".

Starting with various mudguards for front and rear wheel, air pumps, bottle cages to practical multitools SKS Germany carries a wide range of accessories. Especially recommended are the small practical hand pumps and multitools. For a tour on the weekend, these products should not be missing in your bike bag. SKS also offers handy CO2 pumps. With the help of a small cartridge and a CO2 pump, you can inflate your flat tire again in seconds. For the home workshop SKS holds stable floor pumps ready. The large-volume air pumps bring your bike tire with just a few strokes back to the desired air pressure.

The SKS Airflex air pump is available in two versions. The Explorer pump comes with a little more volume than its little brother in the Race version. What both have in common is a well thought-out ergonomics and an integrated flexible air hose. This lies inside the mini pump and can be easily pulled out for inflating the tire. The flexible hose protects the valve and ensures a comfortable and effort-saving posture when pumping. 

In our SKS Germany brand store we offer you a wide selection of bike accessories and attachments from SKS. Sealing milk for tubeless tires, mudguards, tire levers, air pumps, bottle cages and much more you will find here.

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