Bicycle rainwear

Your bike is probably the worst place imaginable to wait out a rainstorm. Unless you can pull some of our fantastic rainwear out of your closet at any time. With a cycling rain jacket, waterproof trousers and overshoes, you'll stay nice and dry. Here you can buy rainwear made especially for cyclists. It will keep you dry in drizzle, heavy rain and even cold winter weather. Read further if you want to know why it is worth investing in special wet weather protection for your bike rides.

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Rainy weather? Rain gear!

Bike rainwear ensures that the rain doesn't stand a chance. The functional garments are specially adapted to the needs of mountain bikers, touring riders or city bikers and they are one thing above all: waterproof.

Does it really have to be cycling rainwear?

Generally speaking, any rainwear is better than none at all. But if you really want to ride your bike comfortably in rain pants and a rain jacket, there's no way around buying bike rain gear. The posture in which you sit on the bike is very special. Rain gear made for a standing person simply doesn't have the right fit. Conversely, bike rain gear usually works just fine for hiking, paddling, or gardening. 

Rainwear for men and women

There are cycling rainwear in versions for men and women, but more and more unisex models are also coming onto the market. While rain jackets for men are often cut rather straight, for women they are fitted just like other outdoor tops. Rain pants, on the other hand, are unspecifically cut, wide and usually black. 

By the way, you can easily order cycling rainwear in your usual dress size . The fact that you wear a sweater or pants underneath is something the designers have taken into consideration. But if you want to wear your rain gear as the top layer of a warming onion look in the winter, you might need to buy it in a larger size 

There are two different construction styles in rainwear for cyclists . Thin rain jackets and pants just keep you dry, but they don't provide much warmth. Multi-layered waterproof cycling clothing additionally keeps you somewhat warm.


Rain jackets for men and women


Rain jackets, of course, come in versions for women and men. To help you find the rain jacket that fits and pleases you, we have many different colors and cuts for you to choose from in our online store.

By the way, the construction of the jacket determines its weight and pack size. If you're packing your rainwear just for good measure in inclement weather, it's handy if it's lightweight and packs down small. Single-layer rainwear is ideal for this. So you know what to expect, you'll find a weight rating on many of the garments here on Bike Mailorder, so you can easily order the lightest pieces for yourself. 

Rain pants

Since rain pants for men and women are usually wide, you'll find many unisex models in this section. Long overtrousers are cut extra wide so you can wear them over your regular pants. But there are also some rain shorts, that are worn directly as pants. Often, rain shorts for cyclists have an extra layer in the seat area that prevents the saddle and pedaling motion from rubbing rainwater into the shorts.

Overshoes and gloves


They might look a little odd, but overshoes are an essential piece of rain gear on the bike. Even if you have mudguards on your bike, the wheels are always churning up some rainwater that would end up unimpeded in your shoes without rain boots.

Almost more important are waterproof gloves! Your hands are your front line, they get the full blast of the wind and cool down quickly. It doesn't steer very well with frozen hands, so waterproof cycling gloves are a must-have for your rain outfit



If you know from the start that you'll be biking in the pouring rain, a rainsuit is a really good idea. It keeps you dry from head to toe and, most importantly, bridges the gap between waterproof jacket and weatherproof pants.


Bicycle rainwear is functional clothing!

Of course, the look of your rain gear is important, but it's even more important that it keeps you dry and warm when needed. On the other hand, you don't want to arrive drenched in sweat either. That's why the fabrics do two important jobs, they're breathable and waterproof. The rest of the construction is also optimally designed for your comfort on the bike.


  • This is how rainwear becomes waterproof: Put simply, the pores of a fabric are glued together to prevent water from being drawn into the fabric or passing between the fibres. Usually this is done by applying a membrane to the fabric. The tightness is expressed in mmwater column. There are different definitions, but mostly textiles up to 8000mm water column are considered water repellent, above 8000mm water column they are waterproof
  • This is how rainwear becomes breathable: The rain must not enter the rain jacket or pants, but sweat should evaporate. That's why there are tiny holes in the waterproof layer or membrane. They are so small that raindrops roll off the outside, while fine water vapour - i.e. sweat - passes through from the inside. When that works, it's called a breathable fabric.
  • So the seams don't become a weak point: The seams of our rainwear get special treatment, they are welded or glued, so they don't let water in.
  • There are single-layer rainwear and multi-layer rainwear. Single-layer garments are lighter, while multi-layer ones provide additional warmth.
  • Most rainwear is also windproof. 
  • The more important you the function of a garment is, the more it pays to invest in the products of well-known brand manufacturers. That's why we have cycling rainwear for you from premium manufacturers like Vaude, Platzangst, FOX or Oneal in the shop.

What you can also do to stay dry


If you want to waterproof yourself, buying the appropriate clothing is a big step in the right direction. But there are other ways to protect yourself, as well as your belongings, from rainy weather. Here in the online shop there are protection sheets and ace savers that prevent rainwater from splashing around your ears. For your luggage, there are waterproof bike backpacks and bike bags with moisture protection, so everything stays nice and dry. And for your helmet, you can buy a waterproof cover . Once you've got your rain gear together, you're ready to ride - into the bad weather!