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The stem - fixation of the handlebar and individual geometry adjustment

The handlebar stem plays an important role on your bike. The stem on the bike has to reliably fix the handlebar under vertical as well as horizontal loads. Although enormous forces act on the steering center of your bike, neither the stem on the steerer tube nor the handlebar itself should twist in the handlebar clamp. In our shop you will find a variety of different stems for different applications and other handlebar accessories like bicycle grips.

The stem

For an optimal adjustment to personal requirements, stems are available in different lengths and pitches. An adjustable stem allows a particularly comfortable and individual adjustment. Longer stems allow a stretched and sporty riding position. Especially in the cross-country sector, where fast lap times are required, long stems are mainly used. For a very direct steering response, short stems are recommended, which also promote an upright riding position. In downhill sports, not only stems with the conventional steerer clamp are used, but also direct-mount stems are mounted. These stems are bolted directly to the fork crown and mean maximum stability.

What to look for in a new stem?

The stem clamps available from us range from the classic 1-inch thread to the modern 1.5-inch Ahead standard and direct attachment of the stem to the downhill fork crown. In addition to handlebar clamping, stem clamping must also be considered. To be able to mount the stem including bike handlebar to your head tube the diameter has to be right.

Which stem do you need? A question of clamping and type

There are different types of stems. In general, there are four types:

Classic stem 1 inch (threaded stem)

This stem has a stem diameter of 22.2 mm, which corresponds to the steerer tube inside. The headset diameter measures 1 inch. This design is very old and is also usually only found on older bikes. Go to our threaded steerer stems

Ahead Stem

This type has become a very big competitor to the classic stem, slowly but surely overtaking it. Modern bikes usually have an Ahead stem installed. This type has no stem, but is clamped onto the head tube. We offer 3 different clamps in the shop: 25.4 mm stems31.8 mm stems and 35 mm stems.

Direct Mount

This stem is found exclusively on double-bridge suspension forks. The potent suspension elements are usually only used on downhill bikes. The Direct Mount is, as the name suggests, mounted directly on the fork and saves the stem. Go to our Direct Mount stems

What pitch and length?

Besides the specified sizes of the clamp, the length of the stem significantly affects the feel and handling of the bike. There are a few components that play an important role here. How long your stem should be depends very much on your individual riding style and the overall ergonomics of the bike. The same applies to the inclination of the stem. It determines your riding position. Here you should pay attention to your individual needs.

The agony of material choice

By using high-quality materials such as aluminium, steel and carbon, we guarantee maximum stability and clamping force of the stem. The different materials have, as with all other Bike Parts, advantages and disadvantages. Here, you should find a good compromise of stability and weight for your needs.

The most important questions in a nutshell:

  • What type of construction is needed?
  • What diameter do the clamps need to be?
  • What material should the stem be made of?
  • How long should the stem be?
  • What inclination should the stem have?

In our online shop you can find different stems for FixiesMountainbikes and other bike types. The wide selection is guaranteed to provide you with the right stem for your bike.