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MTB parts that are affordable and convince buyers with their excellent performance - is that possible? Obviously, since Spank Industries makes bike parts that are known for a very good performance but at the same time will not cost you an arm and a leg. The two founders Gavin Vos and Sven Mack wanted to create a perfect symbiosis between innovation, style and technology at fair prices. Welcome to Spank!

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Things to know about Spank

Spank Industries is one of the few brands in the bicycle industry where the entire manufacturing process takes place under the company’s own roof. Design and development, as well as the test department and production happen in-house at Spank Industries, because this is the only way to have full control over the choice of materials, designs and the production process. At the same time, it paves the way to proving that bicycle parts from the Far East are better than their reputation and by no means inferior compared to American or European products. The perfect balance between attractive design, low weight and endurance are the reasons why many pro riders choose Spank.

Spank supplies bike parts at UCI level

The Commencal team, for example, uses Spank’s bike parts when racing in the UCI Downhill World Cup. Top mountainbiking athletes like Myriam Nicole and Remi Thirion are part of this team. The Spank Factory Enduro Racing Team consists of great names such as Cecile Ravanel and Yoann Barelli. The latter is best known for his spectacular cyclocross descents on rough bike park tracks. The list of riders reads like the who-is-who of freeride and slopestyle history. Legends like Darran Berrecloth, Richi Schley and Brett Tippie can be found among the riders - as well as current stars Nicholi Rogatkin, Thomas Genon and Sam Reynolds.

The experience and know-how of the team riders from the various disciplines are of course a guarantee for the high quality of the various bike parts. In training and competition, bike parts are tested under extreme conditions. Stems, pedals or wheels that survive here, will be sold all around the globe. Components that do not survive here are improved until they do. 

Spank bike wheels

A whole bunch of patents, technologies and processes ensures the high quality Spank’s bike wheels and rims. Professional bikers, product developers and industrial designers work together in order to improve the products and manufacturing process constantly. Quality controllers always have the last word, however! You probably know the problem: Of course, bicycle wheels should be particularly lightweight. But how lightweight can they go before becoming too weak? An extensive test program with up to 12 different steps makes sure that every rim lives up to expectations.

Vibrocore Technology

Another example of the excellent collaboration between riders and developers is the Vibrocore Technology. To make it simple: bike parts, that like to vibrate on rough terrain and unnecessarily drain power and ruin the precise steering of your bike, are filled up with foam. That foam fills handlebars and rims and absorbs vibrations right where it starts and prevents the dreaded “arm-pump”. Spank’s engineers had the vibration-absorbing foam tested by Mick and Tracy Hannah under real racing conditions at first, after a successful test phase, the technology is used, for example, in the downhill and enduro product lines Oozy and Spike. 

Spank Bikeparts

You can buy Spank’s handlebars and wheels with the Vibrocore technology right here on BMO, but of course you will find many other products in our Spank brand store. Freeriders and slopestylers like the Spike line with its lightweight yet stable stems, handlebars and pedals. 

Oozy bike parts are perfect for enduro bikers headed for crisp uphills and rough downhills where sufficient stability is essential.

All-mountain bikers and parents who want to tune their kids’ bikes, should look out for Spoon Components. The robust grips, pedals and rims are designed for all-mountain bikers who are looking for particularly durable material. For junior bikers there are, among other parts, 20” and 24 inch rims.

The range of Spank Industries includes various components for downhill, freeride and enduro bikes. In our Spank brand store you can buy handlebars for mountain bikes and drop bars for road bikes and gravel bikes, pedals and wheels. If you like a pop of color, look out for Spank’s robust stems in many bright shades.

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