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Läuft bei dir? Nicht so? Dann haben wir genau das Richtige für dich – wie wärs mit neuen Laufrädern? Stabiler, leichter und eine deutlich bessere Straßenlage – der Austausch der Laufräder bietet dir eine einfache und schnelle Möglichkeit, dein Fahrrad noch spezieller an deine Bedürfnisse und Pläne anzupassen. Hier im Onlineshop findest du eine große Auswahl an Laufrädern und Laufradsätzen, die das beste aus deinem Tourenrad, MTB oder Rennrad herausholen. Wir haben Vorderräder und Hinterräder in sämtlichen gängigen Laufradgrößen für dich, weiter unten findest du jede Menge Tipps zum Kauf.

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Impellers - Here it goes round!

More stable, lighter or cooler! Replacing the wheels offers you a quick and easy way to adapt your bike even more to your needs. In our shop you will find a large selection of ready-to-use wheels and wheelsets that leave nothing to be desired! You will find MTB front wheelsMTB rear wheelsMTB wheelsetsWheels for singlespeeders & fixiesTrekking wheels and Wheels for gravel bikes and road bikes.

What to look for when buying wheels?

Whether you need an MTB wheelset for all-mountain, enduro or downhill, we carry wheels in all styles. Different sprocket mounts are available as well as different installation standards and quick release skewers.

Size matters

The common sizes for MTB wheels are 26 inches, 27.5 inches and 29 inches. In enduro and downhill, 27.5 inch rims are predominantly installed. On some enduros and especially on cross-country bikes, 29 inch wheels are used. The advantage of the larger wheels is the smoothness and greater control when it comes to edges and roots. The 29 inch bikes run much smoother and roll over some edges more smoothly than the smaller 27.5 inch wheels do. But on some enduro tracks and DH trails, you're better off with 27.5 inch rims. Due to their size, the smaller wheels are much more manoeuvrable and can be moved more dynamically through corners and over obstacles. Therefore, it is not possible to give a general answer to the question 27.5 inch or 29 inch. It depends a lot on the trails and the bike. But above all, you as the rider have to come to terms with the rim size.

Wheels for road bikes

Wheels are among the most important bike parts on a road bike. You can't have a bike without wheels. They are one of the most popular parts for most cyclists, because hardly any other part on a road bike has as much influence on the performance and appearance as wheels. In our shop, you will find a selection of different wheel sets. We offer conventional wheels for road bikes, but also tubeless-ready wheels for your cyclocrosser. As with mountain bikes, wheels for road and cyclocross bikes are not only available for rim brakes, but also for disc brakes. These wheels have a special hub for disc brakes. The wheels in our shop stand out for their high stability and low weight. We carry a selection of cyclocross wheels from renowned manufacturers such as Alex Rims and Easton.

If you like to put something together individually or if you need spare parts, you can also find them in our shop. We offer a selection of hubsspokesrims and other accessories as well as tools for assembly.

What material is the wheel made of?

MTB and road bike wheels come in a variety of materials. Conventional wheel systems are made of aluminum or carbon. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Carbon is particularly light and very stiff. However, unlike aluminium, carbon fibre is also more sensitive and more expensive. Aluminum wheels, on the other hand, have a little more weight but are very easy to maintain and extremely robust.

Which axle standard is required?

As with many other bike parts, there are also different standards for wheels. Not only in size, but also in mounting, different designs have evolved over the years.

Quick Release

The quick release knows probably everyone on the bike. Quick, easy and practical, the lever lock can be used to remove the wheels to quickly change the tire or get the bike into the trunk.

The quick release is the most common axle standard on the market and is installed on many road bikes and mountain bikes. The load here acts directly on the hub body and is not particularly suitable for rugged riding, such as downhill.

Thru Bolt

A sturdy option is the bolt-on axle. A continuous 10 mm axle provides high system stiffness and a firmer wheel connection. Just like the quick release, you don't need any additional tools when mounting most Thru Bold axles.

Thru Axle

The most stable axle is the Thru Axle. The Thru Axle is especially common on mountain bikes. This axle is not compatible with the conventional dropouts for quick release, but requires a special receptacle on the frame. The axle always counts as part of the frame or fork and has a continuous diameter of 12 mm, 15 mm or 20 mm. This axle is mounted either via a lever or with the help of an Allen key.

Tubeless Ready or bicycle inner tube?

Another important question is whether the system is tubeless ready, i.e. without a bicycle tube. The tubeless system has proved popular with many mountain bikers due to its puncture resistance. It brings certain advantages in puncture protection and riding comfort. In addition, a few grams of weight can also be saved here, since the conventional bicycle tube is dispensed with.

Basically, any wheelset can be ridden tubeless. The prerequisite is a tight system. For this purpose, either special rims are used or conventional rims are sealed with tubeless rim tape. Additionally, tubeless-ready tires are needed to keep the sealant in the tire.

The key questions in a nutshell:

  • What size wheel is needed?
  • What material should the wheel be made of?
  • For which area of application or bicycle genre is the wheel needed?
  • Which axle standard must the wheels have?
  • Should the wheels be Tubeless Ready?

Low-cost alternative: conversion kits and adapters

It does not always have to be a new wheel directly! By using special conversion kits, the purchase of new wheels is often unnecessary! Some manufacturers offer clever and inexpensive adapters in this regard. If only one part of your bicycle wheel is defective, such as the freewheel or a bearing, you will also find the solution to your problem in our shop.

An ingenious alternative to tubeless systems are Tubeless Kits, with which you can turn a normal rim into a tubeless system. In order to be able to chain up your new wheelset right away, you should also take the opportunity to think about a cassette  or a cassette. a sprocket and the tires think.

In our online shop you will find a wide selection of wheel systems for road bikes, mountain bikes as well as fixi and singlespeed bikes. The high-quality wheels convince with good workmanship and different designs, so you are guaranteed to find the right wheel for your bike.