Knee and shin protectors

Knees and hands are usually the first parts of you to make contact with the ground if you fall off of your bike. Humans tend to break a fall with hands and legs in order to protect the more important body parts like your head or your torso. But a shattered kneecap is not everyone’s idea of fun, either. Neither is a shin slashed open by pointy pedal pins. The knee pads and shin guards you can buy right here will let you enjoy all those crazy MTB adventures with unharmed legs.

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Shin guards and knee pads for MTB and BMX


You grow with the challenges and the trails! Of course, the ever-increasing technical demands of riding also carry an increased risk of falling. Injuries to the shin and knee can be reduced to a minimum by wearing a shin/knee protector in addition to a helmet and a protector backpack or a protector jacket. However, the shin guard will not only protect you from the consequences of a fall, but also from flying rocks and the razor-sharp pedal pins.

Modern shin guards and knee protectors are made of breathable special foam that provides nice soft cushioning in the event of a blow or fall. The plastic caps attached to some shin guards provide additional protection against sharp and pointed stones and let you slide over the ground better. The high-quality protectors from renowned manufacturers like IXS or Race Face in our shop offer you the best protection in all riding situations!

Leg protectors for demanding enduro tours and the bike park

For the demanding tour, lightweight protectors are particularly well suited. These can also be stowed in the bike backpack to save space when not in use. From a demanding all-mountain tour to fast-paced enduro races, you can use them flexibly and you are always well protected. In addition to adequate protection, the fit and flexibility is of course particularly important here.

In downhill and freeride, knee/shin guards are definitely standard equipment! In line with the high risk of falls and injuries, shin protectors for downhill riders and freeriders offer maximum protection. Often these protectors are thicker and more robustly built than, for example, all-mountain protectors.

A high wearing comfort is ensured by a thoughtful ventilation and breathable materials. Knee Guards often use a combination of foam pad and the robust plastic cap. Soft pads made of Kevlar or special foam are not only popular with dirt riders. These particularly light knee pads are characterized by a very high wearing comfort and an excellent protective effect. Due to the design, the knee pads not only sit absolutely slip-proof, but also fit perfectly under the bike shorts.

Please note that you can buy knee protectors in different sizes. It is important to find the individual size so that the protector fits perfectly on the knee and shin. This is the only way for the protector to show its full potential in case of falls, and it also prevents annoying abrasions or blisters from forming under the pads. To give you a wide choice, we offer knee pads in different sizes and of course we also have special versions for women and kids available.