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Vaude has been building up its reputation as one of the best European outdoor brands right from the start, despite the fact that making clothing was not part of the initial plan. Vaude’s cycling clothing has a large fan base due to its functionality, durability and the fact that it ranks among the most eco-friendly bike gear money can buy. Would you like to know what your morning coffee has to do with bike clothing for women, men and children? 

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Things to know about Vaude

Vaude was founded in 1974 by Albrecht von Dewitz. The name is an acronym of the first letters of his last name "von Drewitz". Being a passionate mountaineer himself, he actually wanted to produce nothing but functional mountaineering equipment, which was hard to come by in the 70s. But the company quickly became one of the most successful European manufacturers of outdoor clothing and mountain sports equipment. 

Vaude clothing is eco-friendly and fair

As of today, the company has won multiple awards for its persisting commitment to preserving the environment, sustainable business practices and carbon-neutral production. In general, Vaude is keen on making the world a little bit better and therefore tries to produce its products in the most environmentally friendly way possible. One example of this is the in-house repair workshop the company offers, where even older products can be repaired even after the warranty period has expired and will be returned to the customer afterwards. As you see, at Vaude, the durability of products is just as important as its functionality and design.

Since 2010, Vaude is a member of the non-profit organization Fair Wear Foundation, where several well-known companies team up in order to fight for better working conditions in the global textile industry. Fair working conditions are not only implicit at Vaude’s main site in Tutzingen, Germany, but in other European countries or in the Far East. Various eco-labels and certifications confirm cycling clothing that is produced sustainably eco-friendly raw materials or recycled materials.

Cycling clothing with high environmental standards

Road cycling, everyday cycling, mountain biking, gravel tours or bike trips - Vaude offers bike clothing for many different purposes for men and women. Of course, there is also a great choice of comfortable and functional bike clothing for children. Vaude’s rainwear is particularly well-known and widely tested, countless bikers rely on rain pants and rain jackets, caps or winter shoes to keep them dry in less-than-perfect weather. 

Apart from to climate neutrality, comfortable next-to-skin-wear is particularly important. Vaude therefore processes organic cotton and other raw materials with a small footprint, the treatment of the fibers receive is gentle and as non-toxic as possible. Your bike clothing therefore spoils you with a pleasant skin climate, even if you have a rather sensitive skin. For the summer, there are lightweight, particularly breathable jerseys and t-shirts, the fibers quickly wick moisture to the outside and dry in no time. Bicycle shorts for summer also work on this principle, here in some models you also get a soft seat pad that makes your saddle more comfortable. Vaude also offers excellent winter clothing such as cozy baselayers and windproof bike jackets and windproof pants for cold days. If rain starts to leak into your cycling clothes after some years, you can send them in to Vaude to have the waterproof coating refreshed by their waterproofing service.

Vaude bike bags

You can clip a bike bag to your commuter bike or e-bike and use it to transport all your important documents to the office, you can also go on a world tour with large panniers. Vaude’s bike bags come in the shape of messenger bags, as ultra-light bags or panniers that are water-proof. No matter which bag will accompany you, if you choose one from Vaude, you can be sure that it is made of durable and eco-friendly material. These days, more and more components of bicycle bags are made from recycled materials. In our Vaude brand store you will find a wide range of different Vaude bike bags for different purposes. In addition to classic front panniers and rear panniers, you will also find handlebar bags in different sizes, saddle bags and frame bags for bikepacking and gravel tours.

Innovation for the planet

Vaude always wants to make its products better with new materials and manufacturing methods. Timeless designs, a better function or more durable and sustainable environmental standards - the German manufacturer is always on the lookout for innovative ideas that meet the company’s philosophy. In doing so, the development department likes to employ unusual means. Their latest coup: insulation jackets made from coffee grounds and old bottles. No, we’re not joking! Fibers made from recycled coffee grounds and reused PET bottles have recently proven to be a lightweight, low-maintenance and warming insulation for warm winter jackets. Who would have thought that coffee would at some point also do us good from the outside! Anyone looking for functional, environmentally friendly and high-quality bike clothing and bike bags will definitely find what they are looking for in our Vaude brand shop. 

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