Cycling gloves

Warum solltest du Fahrradhandschuhe kaufen? Die Antwort ist ganz einfach. Auch wenn die Fahrradwelt sich gerne auf die Beinarbeit konzentriert, leisten deine Hände beim Radsport ganze Arbeit. Die passenden Fahrradhandschuhe verbessern daher nicht nur den Komfort auf dem Fahrrad, sondern auch deine Sicherheit. 

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Cycling gloves - Secure grip and maximum comfort!

Hours of riding a bike and holding the handlebars can quickly lead to pressure points or sore hands. To increase comfort when handling the bike and to protect fingers and palms from cold and in case of a fall from abrasions, ambitious riders cannot do without high-quality cycling gloves in addition to elbow protectors and wrist protectors . You, too, will immediately notice the difference on longer rides when you are wearing gloves on the trail. Don't forget to protect your hands from slipping on the handlebars when you're sweating or it's raining. With wet hands without gloves to hold the rubberized grips and to keep the mountain bike or race bike under control is difficult to do. 

Experienced brand manufacturers such as Troy Lee, 100%, Fox Racing and O'Neal rely in the development of new MTB gloves fully on the experience of their professional athletes. These know the problems very well and can thus provide optimal feedback. Thus, special mountain bike or road bike gloves not only have optimal grip, but also numerous other features. These range from soft thumb tops for wiping dirt off the face to gel inserts in the palms. This increases comfort and ensures a secure grip and hold on the handlebars.

Gloves for protection in any season.

If you are also on the road in the cold season on your Mtb or road bike, Mtb gloves or road bike gloves with an additional lining and waterproof outer shell are the right purchase. Here, too, manufacturers such as 100% offer different models. Hereby you can also ride longer tours in snow and ice without getting frostbite.

If you only want to protect the palms and their contact with the handlebars, many manufacturers offer finger-free cycling gloves, which guarantee greater freedom of movement and allow you to maintain the proverbial feeling for your fingers. Moreover, you won't sweat as easily in summer. In addition to their high-quality gloves, many manufacturers offer you further quality articles of contemporary cycling clothing, all of which you can discover in our diverse online shop and which we have available in large quantities.