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Here you can buy a U-lock

From stylish to practical, but in any case safe. U-locks are among the safest bike locks and have already stopped many a bike thief. There are also different security levels for U-locks. The higher the security level, the better your beloved bike is protected. Before buying a U-lock, you should consider which size you need. The specially hardened steel is logically not flexible and therefore limited in size. The manufacturers Abus, Kryptonite and Knog have locks in different sizes. Small practical U-locks, which you can casually hang on your pants or messenger bag for transport, but also bike locks with a larger shackle, with which you can secure two bikes, can be found in our shop. Kryptonite and Hiplok also offer a combined bike lock. Here, the conventional U-lock is extended with a chain lock or a flexible steel cable. So you can chain your bike frame with the shackle and further valuable parts, which can be quickly dismantled, additionally secure.