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The bike label 6KU believes that bikes make city-life better. They also believe, that everyone should own a bike without having to rob a bank. Building high-quality bikes at a more than fair price is the top priority of the US manufacturer of city bikes and fixies. With lots of passion, the brand works on what moves us forward in life - bikes! No matter who you're meeting or where you're going, 6KU will make sure you arrive with a smile.

6KU Highlights

Things to know about 6KU

When it comes to bike design, 6KU doesn't like to compromise. The US brand always has the latest trends in mind, but will not follow them at all costs. Of course, city bikes, urban bikes and fixies should have a modern look, but at the same time, the bikes should be absolutely timeless and not seasonal pieces. 

Top quality and a fabulous look

6KU's city bikes are by no means beauties without substance, the quality is even more important than the look when a new bike is designed. Through in-house manufacturing, the company is continuously able to refine manufacturing processes in order to optimize production and reduce unnecessary consumption of valuable resources. The manufacturer's ambitious goal is to be part of the way to a new mobility. 

6KU makes sustainable bikes

A bicycle should not only be inexpensive, but also sustainable. Here, reducing equipment is an important point. Anything that is not absolutely vital to make a bike work, is omitted, and thus will not break and need not be replaced.

6KU's singlespeed/fixed gear bikes are a good example. No unnecessary bits and pieces are mounted, the few part you get combine a high-quality, a great look and at a good price. The bikes get you from A to B - whether it's to university, to work or to visit your friends on the weekend. 6KU fixed gear bikes are always the perfect companion. Bikes with flip-flop hubs are particularly practical, you can decide time and again, whether you prefer to ride singlespeed or fixed-gear. Just flipping your wheel changes the type of the drive. 

Because 6KU always uses high-quality materials and is constantly fine-tuning its design and production processes, one of the most sustainable means of transportation - the bicycle - becomes a little more durable with each new model and thus a little more sustainable. 

Affordable Urban Bikes and Fixies by 6KU 

In addition to fixies and urban bikes, we also offer bike parts and accessories for bikes in our 6KU brand store. Are you looking for a reliable but affordable bike that will accompany you through your everyday life with a lot of style and can also handle smaller cross-country trips? Then you have come to the right place!

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