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Aventon Bikes is the place to go when you’re looking for fast e-bikes, time trial bikes and fixed gear bikes. The US company has set itself the goal of making cycling possible for everyone, no matter how old you are or how fit you may be. 

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Things to know about Aventon

Aventon builds bikes that not only look chic, but also perform extremely well from a technical standpoint. It is important to them to combine durability and comfort to give you the best possible riding experience.

In our Aventon brand store we offer you different bikes. The Kijote Gravel bike is perfect for exploring new trails and tracks in your area or pushing your track records to new heights.

The Mataro, on the other hand, is a thoroughbred fixed gear bike with an aggressive frame geometry - riding fast is the motto.

In the Cordoba model you will find an affordable singlespeed or fixed gear bike, which offers you a perfect start.

In addition to the different models, you can also find different framesets as well as a wheelset and a 28 inch fork in our Aventon brand store.

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