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You have found your dream bike in our range and would rather lease it through your employer than buy it outright? Then you've come to the right place. Here we show you how bike leasing works, what advantages you have and with which partners you can lease your bike from us.


What is bike leasing?

With bike leasing, you choose the bike you want and pay your employer monthly for it as a company vehicle. Of course, you can use your bike in your free time. It is not only intended for commuting. Depending on the term of the leasing contract, you pay 36 to 48 leasing instalments. If your leased bike is still your dream bike, you can buy it outright from your employer for a residual value and it becomes your property. If you want to lease another bike when your lease expires, the process starts all over again.


What are the advantages of bike leasing?

  • Your employer leases the bike and the monthly lease payment is deducted from your gross salary. By converting your salary, you save money – usually 20-40% compared to buying a bike directly.
  • You can easily insure your bike against theft, material and production defects, accidental damage and total loss.
  • Unlike direct purchase, the purchase price is not due in one lump sum. Instead, the monthly leasing instalments are simply deducted from your gross salary and the financial burden is spread over the entire leasing period.
  • You protect the environment by riding your bike.
  • You can use your dream bike for all purposes – whether for commuting, a cycling trip or for your holiday.
  • Whether mountain bike, city bike or gravel bike: you can lease any bike.
  • With some partners you can also include bicycle accessories such as a secure lock in the leasing contract.
  • The leasing concept not only offers you advantages, your employer also benefits.


What requirements do you have to fulfil?

In order for you to be able to lease your dream bike through your German or Austrian employer, the employer must have a leasing framework agreement with one of our leasing partners. If your employer doesn't offer bike leasing, that's no problem. You can register with one of our leasing partners at any time. You can find more information on the websites of our partners.


How do you lease your dream bike?

Step 1: Find your dream bike in the shop.

Step 2: Submit an enquiry using the form below.

Step 3: We contact the leasing partner and they take care of the rest.

Step 4: Your dream bike is conveniently delivered to your home.


With which partner can I lease a bike?

There are countless providers on the German market. We work with the most important partners. You can lease your dream bike from us via the following providers: JobRadBusinessBikeBike Leasing ServiceEuroradLease a Bikemein-dienstrad.deRadelnde MitarbeiterEleasaCompany Bike and Deutsche Dienstrad.




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