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The founder of Brick Lane Bikes knew exactly what a bicycle had to offer in order to survive in an urban environment. As a former bicycle courier in London, it was clear to him that not every bicycle was suited to make optimal progress in the heavy traffic of a large city and to get deliveries from A to B as quickly as possible. So after his courier career ended, he established BLB (short for Brick Lane Bikes), a bike store in London and soon launched his first own line of products. What became a success for BLB in London quickly became a hit in other cities as well: fixies and vintage-style bikes with a classic urban look and good, but affordable bike parts just work pretty much everywhere.

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Things to know about BLB Brick Lane Bikes

Brick Lane Bikes started with a small bike store in London, today it has grown into a bike store with its own workshop and - even more important - its own bike production and a full range of high quality bike parts. To set itself apart from all other bike stores, Brick Lane Bikes specializes in building fixies and vintage bikes. Brick Lane Bikes also supplies you with a wide range of bike parts such as handlebars, wheelsets, bar tape, and other components; many of those bike parts complement real vintage bikes or retro bikes. 

Why does Brick Lane Bikes build fixies for the city?

Legend has it that it was bike messengers from New York, not London, who first made fixies and single speed bikes popular. The idea was as simple as it was ingenious: in the life of a bike courier, time is money. The faster a delivery is completed, the more can be done in a working day. Riding a bike past all traffic jams is a good way to save time. But what costs cyclists precious minutes? That's right ... the bicycle lock. "Lock, unlock, repeat" wastes a lot of time! Wouldn't it be better if your bicycle would not be stolen in the first place, because it doesn't look very attractive or expensive? That's why the fixie was born, a simple, inconspicuous bike without much equipment

London or New York - both megacities are "flat land" - no nasty inclines get in the way of bikers. So first the gear shift was eliminated, other parts followed. In the end, even the brakes disappeared. This makes the bikes not only less attractive for thieves, but also particularly lightweight, so they can be carried around town easily, if necessary. Brick Lane Bikes supplies these clean, fast racers in particularly sporty versions. Technically, with a Brick Lane Bike Fixie you ride a no-nonsense bike, while optically you ride a classy racer.

As you see, a fixie is the perfect bike for the city. Today, these bikes are a popular urban means of transport, actually, they have achieved real cult status. Therefore, if you ride a Brick Lane Bikes fixie or singlespeed bike, you should definitely lock it! 

Of course, BLB doesn't just make only fixies, you can also buy comfy BLB city bikes that have found many fans with their shiny retro look.

Brick Lane Bikes bicycle parts

Since Fixie riders in particular like to customize the look of their bike, Brick Lane Bikes makes bike components that help you design your very own bicycle. The range is as versatile as it is high-quality and includes various parts for your bike cockpit (such as handlebarshandlebar tape and grips) as well as “real hardware” such as cranks, chains or bottom brackets and other parts of the drivetrain. Whether you're out shopping for pedals, racks or stems, BLB will provide you with all the components you need. Among our BLB bicycle accessories you'll also find a great selection of front bike baskets that perfectly accentuate the yesteryear look of your retro bike. 

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You can still find the Brick Lane Bike bike store in East London, the showroom and the workshop are open for visitors. If you can't make it to London anytime soon, you can also order BLB bikes and bike parts here in the BMO online store. We'll deliver them directly to your home!

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