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The heads behind Creme Cycles say about themselves that they were passionate bikers before starting their own bike manufacturing business. At first they had little to do with city bikes, their greatest passion was mountain biking. They had been working in the bicycle industry for a long time and planned to eventually put their own ideas and concepts into practice, make their dream come true and build bikes themselves. The only question was: what kind of bikes?

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A few beautiful but completely neglected retro bicycle parts in an attic provided the answer. Many manufacturers put a lot of work and ideas into mountain bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes and e-bikes. Everyday bikes and city bikes seem to come second, according to the motto: "Yup, there are some, that must be enough...". Realizing that, the perfect niche was found! 

Can bicycles be stylish and suitable for everyday use?

Creme Cycles makes city bikes beautiful - that's what makes them different from other bicycle manufacturers. All their bikes make use of modern technology but put a lot of emphasis on a charming look at the same time. All the bikes feature clean lines, elegant details and a colorful but not too bright finish. You could call most of them classic retro-bikes, as they reinterpret the shapes and look of past decades. The company is based in Gdansk, Poland; all bikes are designed and mostly built in Europe. 

Creme Cycles makes comfortable city bikes, clean fixies and fast, versatile fitness bikes. Apart from that, the company offers a growing choice of bicycle accessories and parts. For young cyclists, there is a whole range of children's bikes and push bikes

Creme Cycles bikes for women

Creme Cycles has a whole range of beautiful bikes built especially for women on offer. All of them have a low step-through, which allows for a safe handling of the bike in all situations and even when luggage is piled on the rack. Models like Caferacer or Echo offer a slightly lower, sporty riding position, and are thus suitable for all city dwellers who, at times, tend to be in a hurry. Comfort bikes Eve and Holymoly, on the other hand, are absolutely comfortable and practical. The seating position is upright, which is not only good for your back, but also allows you a good all-round view and helps you to keep an eye on traffic. Along with these bikes you buy practical everyday equipment, there are mudguards, bike lights, handlebar baskets and luggage racks.

If you want your bike to have an individual look, but do not want to mess around with paint yourself, you will surely like Molly, the citybike. You can buy these bikes in bright colors, they're jazzed up with a cheerful polka dot pattern, and bring along a handy bike basket that adds a truely feminine touch. 

Many of Creme Cycle’s women's bikes have features that make them particularly comfortable and easy to use. In addition to comfort saddles and handlebars, there are low-maintenance belt drives, easy-to-use coaster brakes or disc brakes and uncomplicated hub gears. By the way, Creme Cycles is the only manufacturer that offers more models for women than for men!

Echo Mixte is the athletic exception, as a fitness bike it has a versatile 2x8 gearshift, the slim steel frame is a good mix of fast propulsion and enough comfort for everyday use. It is ideal for women who want to do their daily commutes and training laps on the same bike. 

Creme Cycles bikes for men

The bikes that Creme Cycles builds for men are all a little racier to look at (and ride on). In addition to a low, stretched out geometry, there are also some versions with drop handlebars, such as the steel fitness bike Echo

Creme Cycles men's bikes are characterized by a very classic design, the technology is equally high quality and down to earth. 

Caferacer's men's edition is a fully equipped gravel bike with a front rack that highlights the clean lines of the design. For your adventures, you should choose the touring bike La Ruta. It has a front rack and a rear rack, and thus enough storage space for all your bikepacking luggage. The 650Bx47 tires are perfect for generating enough propulsion for larger tours, while also providing good grip and riding comfort on dirt roads and gravel. The 2x11 Shimano shift easily copes with versatile terrain and all kinds of surfaces. You’ll get mudguards, too, as an all-weather protection.

If you like to travel light, a fixie from the Vinyl series is exactly the bike you’re looking for. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to talk much about the equipment in this case, just let yourself be inspired by the fabulous look, which is characterized by a slim steel frame and topped off with an extraordinary track drop bar. The bike comes with all the parts you need to convert your fixie to a singlespeed bike if you want to. 

All Creme Cycles bikes are available in different frame sizes. 

Creme Cycles for kids

Creme Cycles kids’ bikes are mainly meant for girls, they are kid-friendly versions of the city bike Molly and you can buy them in kids’ bike sizes 20 inch and 24 inch. Just like the grown-up Molly, it comes in cheerful colors and the popular polka dot pattern, and a handlebar basket is mounted for all those important little things girls might need on a day out. 

Many of the push bikes for toddlers also have a handlebar basket. You can find Creme Cycles bikes for kids in our kids’ world.

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Creme Cycles offers some of its models in e-bike versions. If you pick one of those, you get a powerful electric drive unit on top of the comfortable equipment. The Cargobike Happy Wagon, with its long and reinforced rear rack offers lots of space for any amount of luggage or two passengers. 

You'll find a nice selection of Creme Cycles bikes here on Bike Mailorder. If you're looking for a bike that not only promises a lot of riding fun due to the latest in bike technology, but also looks great, you've come to the right place here in our Creme Cycles brand store!

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