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Kettenpeitsche 8/9 fach -721051 Cyclus Tools
chain whip 8/9 speed - 721051
To dismantle or hold the cassette
Gummihammer -720508 Cyclus Tools
Rubber hammer - 720508
Rubber mallet with ash handle, hard nylon head Shaft length: 280 mm Weight: 410 g
Zahnkranz Abzieher - für Atom, Mailard, Regina, Suntour Cyclus Tools
Cassette remover for Atom, Maillard, Regina,...
for screw ring, 4/5/6 times Suitable for 24 mm keys
Zahnkranz Abzieher 4 Zapfen - für Suntour Cyclus Tools
freewheel remover 4 notches - for Suntour
for Suntour / Sturmey Archer sprockets suitable for 24 mm keys.
Nippelspanner Cyclus Tools
Spoke wrench
Nipple clamps for spoke nipples red for 3.2 mm nipple black for 3.4 mm nipple
Kassettenabzieher für Shimano HG Kassette Cyclus Tools
freewheel remover for shimano HG cassette - 721071
CYCLUS tool puller for Shimano HG cassettes. for disassembling the cassette from the freewheel for Shimano HG cassettes
Innenlagerabzieher Shimano 721074 Cyclus Tools
bottom bracket tool shimano 721074
for dismantling the Shimano compact bottom bracket compatible with 32 mm open-end wrench
Kettenpeitsche 10-fach -721126 Cyclus Tools
chain whip 10-speed - 721126
for dismantling or holding the cassette
Innenlager-Abzieher, Sechskant, für FAG Innenlager Cyclus Tools
Bottom Bracket remover for FAG bottom bracket
CYCLUS bottom bracket puller for FAG bottom bracket SW28 hexagon
Gabelkonusaufschläger 1" und 1 1/8" Cyclus Tools
crown race setter for 1 inch and 1 1/8 inch
Fork cone beater 1 "and 1 1/8" Material: steel Size: 1 and 1 1/8 inch control tubes
Einschläger für Aheadkrallen - 720088 Cyclus Tools
threadless nut setter - 720088
Impact tool for overhead claws Suitable for 1 "and 1 1/8"
Gabelkonusabschläger -720021 Cyclus Tools
crown race puller - 720021
for knocking off the fork cone Max. Fork crown 32 mm Mostly not suitable for suspension forks! Suitable for 1 "and 1 1/8"
Kontrollehre für Ausfallenden - 720011 Cyclus Tools
Control gauge for dropouts - 720011
to control the orientation of the dropouts, eg before milling the disc brake mount and mounting the disc brake, or before installing a hub gear
Kontrollehre / Richtwerkzeug für Schaltaugen -720010 Cyclus Tools
Control gauge directional tool for hangers -720...
For checking and straightening the Schaltauges.
Kettennieter - 721016 Cyclus Tools
Chain Tool - 721016
Chain tool to open and close the chain suitable for 7/8/9 times
Kassettenabzieher mit Hebel Shimano 721055 Cyclus Tools
freewheel remover shimano 721055
to disassemble the cassettes from the freewheel with much better leverage suitable for Shimano cassettes
Kettenverschleißlehre - 720062 Cyclus Tools
Chain Wear - 720062
If a worn chain is not replaced in time for a new one, the pinion and chainrings will work prematurely and must also be renewed. With the CYCLUS chain wear gauge, it is possible to determine the right time for changing the chain.
Kettenverschleißlehre Pro Cyclus Tools
Chain Wear Pro
Tool for displaying chain wear Measures over 11 links the extension of the chain Display of wear on easily readable scale Suitable for all commercially available chains
Drahtbürste - 720121 Cyclus Tools
Wire brush - 720 121
Suitable for cleaning Suitable for rust removal (sprocket packs) Length: 380 mm Width: 10 mm
Reifenmontagezange Cyclus Tools
Tire Lever Calliper
Tire removal tool Ensures the perfect fit Suitable for all tires Plastic handle for better grip
Bowdenzugspannzange Cyclus Tools
Cable collet plier
Clamps the Bowden cable to brake and shift PVC sheathed for better grip
Knarrenschlüssel Cyclus Tools
ratchet wrench
ratchet wrench 3/8 "outer square switchable Length: 257 mm
Abzieher für Sachs PG-und Schraubkassetten Cyclus Tools
Freewheel Remover for Sachs PG
With this tool, you can easily solve old Sachs PG or screw rings from the impeller.
Abzieher für Miche Ritzelträger + Konterring 7200 Cyclus Tools
Puller for Miche sprocket carrier + Lockring
This tool can be used to tighten or loosen Miche's special pinion and lock rings with wrench size 32 easy to use
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