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At Dartmoor thinking outside of the box seems to be the standard. Some of the combos you can find among the normally clearly defined fun machines – aka mountain bikes – are quite astonishing. Mix-and-match appears to be the magic word! If you're looking for a dirt bike with some frame suspension or a nice mullet setup, you'll find it here. Or maybe you just want to buy a capable enduro or a trailbike hardtail that's not afraid of playing in the dirt? Dartmoor has those too coming off the assembly line. And here’s the best thing about it: neither the bikes nor the bike parts will cost you a fortune!

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Interesting facts about Dartmoor bikes

If you google "Dartmoor", you'll first learn that the term refers to a hilly landscape in England. It's kinda nice there, but that doesn't help us much, after all, we're talking about bikes here. Dartmoor - the bike manufacturer - builds MTBs, or more precisely, those enduros, trail bikes, dirt bikes and fun bikes that the trails and pump tracks of this world have been waiting for. Unlike the name suggests, however, the company’s headquarters are not located in some romantic English country district, but in Poland. In recent years, quite a few bike manufacturers from Poland have stirred up the market, you should definitely check out Dartmoor bikes in your search for a new ride. They are becoming increasingly popular, because they build excellent bikes, but do keep an eye on a reasonable budget.

Dartmoor makes affordable bikes for lots of MTB action

Dartmore is mostly the outfitter for anyone who appreciates some adrenaline running through their system. The material the company supplies is perfect for those who don't want to pay big bucks for big fun. From badass 4X to smooth trail riding, here you can find the perfect vehicle for every mountain biking discipline imaginable. But the bikes are by no means second-best options for hobby riders on a tight budget! The Dartmoor racing team is always on the hunt for best times and "higher, faster, further", and proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to buy a good bicycle. You’ll probably get the best fun-for-money-ratio if you shop among the dirt bikes, by the way!

Is it a coincidence? Dartmoor’s Enduro Fullys Thunderbird and Blackbird are named after birds. It's obvious that gravity is being challenged here, isn't it? The brand itself invented the category "Superenduro", by the way, here you get super-strong frames, a solid 1x12 Shimano Deore group, plus massive travel (180mm in the fork and 170mm in the frame) and four-piston Magura brakes that are capable of bringing the bike to a halt. Dartmoors trail bikes too have names that were borrowed from ornithology. Under the moniker Bluebird you will find fully suspended trail bikes, trail hardtails are called Primal - a name that is also connected to the flying animal world, as all birds have primal feathers. The only logical consequence is naming the line of mullet trail bikes Sparrow

Of each bike, there is a “Pro” version with top equipment and a somewhat slimmed down “Evo” version available. There are also 29er versions, but also agile 27.5-inch setups, that fit particularly large or smaller bikers perfectly. The first e-bike versions have recently been released, of course sporting a powerful, mtb-specific Shimano EP8 drive.

Is that allowed? A fully suspended dirt bike?

Dirtbikes are more at home on the clean-and-easy side, frame suspension is anything but clean and easy. Dartmoor has nevertheless put the two together. Whether you want to redefine dirt jumping or just want a little more damping (and comfort) on your rides, Shine Pro defies all the usual categories with its equipment. 

Dartmoor Funbikes

Another interesting mix that other manufacturers haven't dared to tackle: Under "Fun Bikes," Dartmoore markets dirt bikes with surprising features. A dirt bike frame serves as the basis, but up to 1x9 speeds are on board. Depending on the model, Shimano or Microshift contribute a gear shift, and there is also a second brake. A Fun Bike is rideable like a dirt bike, but you can count on the versatility of an mountainbike and tackle longer distances. Dartmoor makes two representatives of this relatively rare species going by the names of Hornet and Streetfighter. You could call those bikes 26-inch hardtails, too. But why would you? “Fun bike” sounds so much better, doesn't it?

Off-the-shelf Mountainbikes aren't your thing?

You like to get your hands dirty and think that anyone can buy a bike? Dartmoor is happy to supply you with bike parts, starting with a suitable base – a frameset. Here you will find mountain bike frames for your future 26-inch or 27.5-inch bike or a fast 29er. Bike Mailorder will supply you with drive train components such as pedals or bottom bracket, as well as the bike tools you need to put it all together.

Finally, we have a special tip for all parents: You can save the money for the babysitter if you give your offspring an early start to a life on two wheels. For young shredders, Dartmoor offers a 26-inch fully suspended Enduro. But there are also Dartmoor's fun bikes and dirt bikes in 24 inches which makes them perfectly kiddo sized.

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